T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Sable Hunter

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Ladies, this week we introduce a new spin off of the Crocodile Hunter.  It will feature naturalist and man-loving Sable Hunter, who will be tracking down a rare breed. We are going to be searching throughout the south trying to find the Good Ole Boy. The Good Ole Boy is big (in many ways), sweet, and gorgeous, loves his Momma, and can be caught down under when introduced to a potential mate.
We have got to exercise caution in search of the elusive Good Ole Boy, for he can be very territorial, and protective of his stomping grounds and loved ones. One can’t just drop in on a Good Ole Boy; these God-fearing individuals carry guns and knives and are known for extraordinarily strong arms, back, chest, legs and an ass sculpted from a lot of thrusting. Danger, Danger, Danger!!
When on the hunt for a Good Ole Boy, we have to search in particular places. Down on the farm, in an open ranch, under an endless Texan sky, working in his large acreage, caring for his family are opportunities for us to locate him and observe this magnificent creature in his natural habitat.
When learning about this species, there a few things that we need to keep in mind. Values that separate this particular animal from different examples of the human species include values of respect, honor, pride, familial responsibility, competitiveness, and a strong desire to protect his mate. One can differentiate him from other human males by his larger-than-average musculature, sculpted jaw and cheekbones, kind eyes, 2 gallon hat, riding boots, tight jeans, and massive Texas smile.
Crikey! Look what we’ve got here! How lucky are we? We just stumbled across a gorgeous example of the Good Ole Boy. Peer here around the corner of the big Texas barn. Witness the mating ritual of the Good Ole Boy and the lucky woman he has found for himself. He has his strong arms supporting the woman around his torso. Her legs are wrapped around his waist. His big, full lips are delivering smooth Texas kisses. His large, callused hands are providing a firm motivation for her hips to rock on his huge manhood.
As you can see, this Texas giant is moving purposefully to pleasure the woman he is with. It is as if the goal of this gentle creature is to simultaneously ravish his lover while giving her the best time of her life. This is a particularly fortunate human female.
Now he picks her up off of him and lays her down. He presses her breasts onto the ground and pulls her hips up to open herself to him. Her body begins to beg for him. He slowly slides himself inside of her, easing into her, because his size is a lot for her to handle. When she adapts to his love inside her, he begins to move, thrusting, taking her, making her scream with pleasure. His hands grasp her hips, massage her back, and hold her at the perfect angle. The desire for her is written all across his face, in the squint of his eyes, in the biting of his lips, and the sink in his cheeks.
Well, that’s about all the time we have here on the Sable Hunter. Remember, when you are experiencing nature, keep an eye out for the Good Ole Boy, who puts the WILD in wildlife. To learn more about this endangered species and see him in action, make sure to pick up a copy of T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
Here’s an excerpt – meet Ky – Texas Good ole’ boy extraordinaire
“Cooper. Sweetheart.” He pressed his face to hers, nudging her with his nose. “Wake up, sweet girl and talk to me.”
Cooper shrugged her shoulders and pushed against Ky’s broad chest. “I love for you to hold me. It feels so good. This is the best dream I’ve ever had. I’m going to have to get snake bit more often.”
Ky smoothed her hair out of her face and kissed her again, just under her eye. “You’re nuts, precious. This is no dream. And I’m glad you enjoy my touch, because I plan to do a lot of it in the future. Sweetheart, I’m going to lay you down and go get you some water. Could you drink a few sips for me, baby? Then, we’ve also got to change the dressing on your bite.”
Easing her off him, Ky stood and gathered what he would need. He was shocked to find only one glass in her cupboard. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was alone. He filled it with water and a few ice cubes and hurried back to her. Cooper had sat up, turned sideways with one side of her face lying on the couch. Ky sat by her and put his arm around her pulling her close. She did not resist. “Here, sweet. Drink this.” He held the glass to her lips and steadied it while she drank.
“Thanks. What are you still doing here? It’s okay for you to leave me.”
“Not a chance, babe.” Setting the near empty glass on the nearby coffee table, Ky squatted by the couch and pulled back the quilt. “Let’s get these cut-up britches off of you. You can just rest in your undies. While we’re at it, I’ll change the dressing.”
A near panicked little squeal erupted from her lips. “No. No. Ky, I can do it. I can do it.”
Confused, Ky studied her frantic little face. “Relax, honey. I would never hurt you.”
“I didn’t mean that.” She drew up in a knot, hindering his efforts to undress her. “Let me take off my pants under the quilt and then we can get to the wound. Okay?” Ky watched her squirm under the covers, making sure not an inch of her skin was exposed for his perusal.
“I saw the bite earlier, Cooper.” Ky didn’t understand her hesitation.
“Yeah, but you didn’t see my thunder thighs or my gargantuan bottom.” It was obvious the fever had loosened her tongue. “I look better when you can’t see very much of me.”
Ky was stunned. “Are you crazy, baby?” She didn’t let him say anything else.
“Probably. Here.” Exhausted, she lay back. Her hands were immovable on the quilt and there was only enough of her leg showing so he could examine the bite mark.
While his hands were busy, Ky watched Cooper’s reactions to his touch. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Cooper. You are absolutely one of the most stunning women I have ever seen. Beautiful. Lovely. Gorgeous.” He leaned down and kissed the wound on her leg. It looked like it was doing fine. At the touch of his lips on her skin, Cooper jumped. “Don’t you like for me to kiss you?” Ky’s voice was gentle. Crooning. “I love kissing you.” He did it again, just for good measure.
“It doesn’t matter whether I like it or not.” She had her eyes tightly shut and every muscle in her body was clenched up as tight as bowstrings. “Please, Ky. Don’t.”
Ky pulled back, not knowing exactly how to proceed. Now was probably not the best time to tell her he had spent the last few hours snuggling with her, indulging himself with kisses, and breathing her in like precious, life-giving oxygen. “Why, baby? I am so attracted to you. Please, let me spend time with you.”
“You don’t know me.” Ky eased back on the couch beside her. Carefully, she kept her distance.
“I want to know you. Tell me something about yourself and I’ll tell you anything you want to know.” When she didn’t say anything, Ky did. “Where did you come from, doll? Before you came to Redland,” he clarified. She was so pale. Ky longed to pick her up and never let her go.
Slowly, she began to talk. “I’ve been moving around a bit, but originally, I came from Riverbend. It’s a small town down in the lower Rio Grande canyons, close to the Big Bend National Park and the Mexican border.”
Riverbend. Riverbend. Why was that name ringing a bell? Ky searched his memory, but came up with nothing. “Can you tell me more, love?”
Cooper didn’t want to tell him anymore. The rest of it was shameful. “I’m tired, Ky. Please, can I just sleep?”
“Sure, you can. Just close those big ole brown eyes and rest. I’ll be right here. Watching over you.” She adjusted her clothing and pulled the covers back up, turning over and facing the couch, effectively cutting Ky out of the picture.
“I want you to go home.” Her words were clear, but her voice sounded unsure.
“Tough.” Despite her wariness, he leaned up on his elbows and kissed the back of her neck. She tensed and held her breath. “Go to sleep babe and dream sweet dreams about me.”
Cooper slept. He didn’t attempt to get back on the couch with her. There was no use pushing it. He could be patient. He had found another sofa pillow and he didn’t need cover. He just needed to be close to Cooper. Ky dozed.
Something woke him. Cooper was restless. Suddenly, her voice broke the silence. “Please, please don’t hurt me anymore, please,” she whimpered, pleading with an unknown assailant. Her words tore at his heartstrings. Was she dreaming about the rattler? What else could it be? Had someone else hurt Cooper? To hell with good intentions. He wasn’t going to watch her thrash about in terror and not try to comfort her. He put his arms around her and started to gather her close. She jerked up, trying to scramble out of his arms as if she was terrified of him.
“Baby. Baby. It’s Ok. It’s Ky, baby. I’ll take care of you. It’s all right. It’s all right.” He kept up the soft talk, easing her, comforting her, caressing her. Her breathing slowed down and she drifted back to sleep. What the hell? Ky resolved to find out just what demons haunted Cooper’s dreams.
Standing at the door of her little cabin, he watched the sun come up. He couldn’t believe what a difference a day could make. Yesterday, he had not even known she existed, and today, he couldn’t imagine not knowing her. Hearing a little murmur from the couch, Ky went and knelt by Cooper.
Feeling her forehead, he was glad to find that she was free of fever. She hadn’t woken up the last time he changed her dressing. Ky didn’t want to leave, but he needed to get home, and he had every intention of coming back. Cooper was as necessary to him now as his next breath. Lord, how fast the mighty have fallen. A big smile covered his face.
Making as little noise as possible, Ky eased out of Cooper’s cabin, climbed into his truck, and drove slowly home. He couldn’t believe she had been this close to him for several weeks and he had no idea. Pulling into his driveway, he cut the engine and decided the first order of business was to rid his yard of that dead snake.
He was thankful the dogs hadn’t been there. A snake that big would have enough venom to kill a dog, and he was grateful Cooper hadn’t been seriously hurt. It was amazing she had put herself on the line to rescue him. She had just literally walked into his life and saved his skin. It was meant to be. It was providence. He had a new mission in life, getting Cooper Lawson into his bed, and keeping her in his life.
The rest of the wood chopping would have to wait. Ky Landon wasn’t in the mood to work. He was in the mood for love. This afternoon, he would give her a call. Conniving maybe, but he had gotten her phone number before he left this morning. He needed to call to make sure she was all right, didn’t he? And she, probably thinking it would keep him from coming over several times to check on her, gave it to him. It was a great excuse, but really, he just wanted to hear her voice. Somehow, some way, he would get through to her. She had to let him into her life; they were meant to be.
Entering the house, he grabbed the box of buckles off the table and made his way to the kitchen, tearing open the box as he walked. Tossing the cardboard container aside, he took hold of the plastic wrapped inner package and tucked it under his arm. Opening the refrigerator door, he took out a beer and settled down at the breakfast table to inspect the contents of the package.
Twisting off the bottle cap, he took a long drink, extracted his pocketknife from his front pants pocket, and proceeded to remove the bubble wrap.
Shit! This was not belt buckles!
He took out the contents and held it up, nearly choking. In his hand was a large hot-pink dick! Damn! Ky dropped the vibrator like a hot potato! Shit! He knew stuff like this existed, but he had never actually held one in his hand. He gingerly picked up the package again, turning it over to read the writing on the package.
Our Personal Vibrator Will Make You Purr. The soft jelly like ears will really turn up the heat. Turn up the power and the rabbit ears provide extraordinary clitoral stimulation. The comfortable shaft moves with a circular motion and undulates to your very own body rhythms. The central portion of the mechanism contains pink pearls, which rotate to create extra stimulation. You can use all these features simultaneously, or in any combination that brings you pleasure! This vibrator is guaranteed to bring your orgasms to a new level. The insertable soft jelly shaft is 7 inches long and about 1.25 inches in diameter. Uses 3 C batteries (not included).

Laughing, he looked again. Only 7 inches? Whoever would be using this was going to be cheated. Seven inches! Pitiful! Rising, he went and retrieved the hastily torn up box from the floor. Looking for the address, he realized UPS had been one house off. He nearly swallowed his tongue. The name was on the address label was C. Lawson. Cooper? His Cooper?
His Cooper used a dildo? She needed him more than he thought. But this was an opportunity! He had wanted to see Cooper again and here was the perfect excuse. After all, the U. S. Mail had to be delivered; it was his civic duty as a good American. A grin crept across the handsome face of rugged cowboy, Kyler Landon. This was going to be fun

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  1. Sable,
    this is such a great book, i have read it several times and i keep finding something new in it each time that touches my heart. i can't wait to read the rest of the series and of course the new books coming for the Hell Yeah series too.

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