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Stag Hunt by Laura DeLuca – Free Book Alert May 16th and 17th only


Stag Hunt by Laura DeLuca

FREE on Amazon May 16th  and 17th

In ancient Britannia, the warrior who brought down the king stag was named the defender of the land.

Eartha’s brother Balen has been in love with Princess Galiene since they were children. Upon the death of the High King, the tribesmen of the realm vie for the throne, and with it, the hand of the fair princess.

Balen is desperate to win his lady, but a rival tribesman is equally determined to keep them apart.

With her brother, her dearest friend, and the country she loves all hanging in the balance, Eartha must do the unthinkable to ensure her brother’s victory in the stag hunt. Sometimes true love needs a helping hand…or some blood to be spilled.


3 thoughts on “Stag Hunt by Laura DeLuca – Free Book Alert May 16th and 17th only”

  1. This sounds like an interesting book – wonder if she does the hunting or if she’s got some special kind of power. Thanks for the spotlight

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