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Review of A Faery Dream by Heather Kinnane



A Faery Dream

by Heather Kinnane

Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Steam eReads

Release Date: August 15,2013

Heat Level: Steamy

Length: 16,000


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Growing up without a mother, Melissa has always felt different. Now in her 30s, and plodding along in her failing relationship with Tom, she begins dreaming of Kellen; confident, strong, everything her heart desires. But though these dreams feel more real than reality, Melissa knows it’s fantasy–Kellen’s tribe live in the forest, and he doesn’t call her by her real name, but another: Nyssa.


When Kellen steps out of her dreams and into her life, she feels that her wishes have come true–especially when he reveals he knows about her mother. Kellen has always known about Nyssa. Like her mother, Kellen is one of the Fae, the man Nyssa would have been joined with had her mother not run off to the mortal realm with a human lover. With strife brewing in the Faery Realm, Kellen visits Nyssa in her dreams, knowing her return will prevent tragedy.


Convincing her she has faery blood turns out to be easier than Kellen imagined, especially when Nyssa remembers those awful conversations with her father, about a mother who was ‘different’. But Kellen fails to tell her everything, risking not only their growing relationship, but the peace of all the Faery Folk.


Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

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Excerpt Three


To see Nyssa in the flesh and not be able to touch her was almost more than Kellen could bear. She was far more beautiful in physical form than in dream, and he wondered if all humans had such a twisted view of themselves. Only her eyes were unchanged, a sparkling green that revealed her every emotion, framed by dark lashes. Her dark brown hair was longer than in dream, hanging loose around her oval face, and it shone with a reddish sheen in the light of the fire.


Kellen did his best to focus on keeping his conversation friendly, but Tom’s arm around Nyssa’s shoulder claimed an ownership that Kellen knew was not wanted. It took every inch of willpower not to knock the guy to ground.


Of course, Kellen knew Nyssa was in a relationship. You did not share dreams and fail to pick up on that information. But that same source told him she was not certain of her feelings for the human, while her feelings for Kellen could not be clearer.


But Nyssa did not yet know the truth about herself. Though she had recognised him at once she had pretended otherwise, even though he saw the desire burning in her eyes at every glance. Nerida played it cool. She had been warned Nyssa knew nothing of her heritage, that they must play at being human, and trust Nyssa’s dreams would tell her enough when she was ready to listen. Kellen was proud of his sister. She was not known for her love of mortals-looking down on them as foolish creatures-but here none of those feelings made an appearance. He smiled at her encouragingly. She smiled back. Out of everyone, it felt as though Nerida alone truly knew the importance of getting Nyssa back, returning her to her home, her people. Carlin had made a mistake when she had banished Nyssa’s mother. Even with human blood flowing through her veins Nyssa’s magic shone through. She belonged with them, not here in this empty world. And Kellen was going to bring her back if it was the last thing he did.


He caught Nyssa’s eye again as she shot him a quick glance. He found himself hardening at the thought of their nights together in dream, and promised himself that before too long she would experience a night with him in reality, and it would convince her who was truly man enough for her.


“Time for a walk,” Kellen said, standing up. “Anyone want to join me?”


“No, thanks.” Tom was abrupt.


Nyssa looked at him, and for a moment he thought she might agree, but then she looked away, shook her head.


“Sorry brother, but I’m off to bed.” Nerida forced a yawn, and Kellen was happy to see the scowl on Tom’s face. He’d been prowling the human’s thoughts and knew Tom wanted some alone time with ‘his girl’. Well his girl was Kellen’s whether she admitted it yet or not, and together with Nerida, Kellen was going to make sure it worked that way.


“Might go to bed myself,” Nyssa spoke finally, heading to the tent.


“Not a bad idea,” Tom said, following her. “G’night.”


“Night,” Kellen and Nerida echoed, Nerida turning to her own tent as Kellen turned to the creek. He walked up it a little way, finding a shallow pool in the turn of the creek bed and wading in. It was not deep enough to go beyond his knees, but it was wide and when he lay down he was able to submerge his entire body under the cold flowing water. He let out the breath he’d been holding, bubbles of air fighting their way to the water’s surface, where he emerged a moment later. The cold helped ease the heat in his body, the tension from wanting to take Nyssa then and there, remind her why she felt for him the way she did. He wanted to go to her again, in her dreams, but wondered if it might be too much – the shock that registered on her face earlier made him doubt the wisdom of past actions. He did not want to send her over the edge. Instead he sat, stilling his mind in meditation. He relaxed all of the muscles in his body one at a time, forcing his mind to more important matters.


Carlin’s mistake had almost cost them. To send one of their own out into the mortal realm was bad enough, but to send a woman with child? Kellen did not know the full situation, only that Carlin’s disappointment in her daughter had been great, and when Elvena had chosen her mortal lover over her people, that disappointment had turned to rage.


Oh my, fae to behold!  I LOVE fae stories and this one had a bit of twist to it.  Not realizing that Melissa was fae or basically even her family history, waking up to hot dreams about a guy was getting to her.  She was in a stale relationship with her boyfriend Tom and the dreams only intensified to her that she had to end the relationship.

Kellen was literally a dream come true.  He was impatient when he “meets” her in the mortal world and I’m afraid without his sister’s help, he would have ruined everything that he and Nerida (his sister) were working towards.  Plus, he is all kinds of sexy, too.  😉

I really enjoyed Melissa’s back story and how see came to be in the mortal world.  The settings that Ms. Kinnane used were beautifully depicted and just added another layer to the story.  I really felt like I was in another world.  Also, I would like to point out that while camping is involved…no one was injured!  LOL!

This story had it all for me when it comes to the fantasy element.  I found myself transported to a different world and really pulling for Melissa and Kellen to work everything out between each other and their people.  The world building is great and you don’t need a map to figure it out either.  With only 4 characters to keep up with, too, you don’t have to worry about who is who and what their role is in the book.

I highly recommend A Faery Dream for the smexiness, setting and overall the story itself.  The dialogue is rich, the story taunt and has characters that you care about and want to see their HEA.

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About the Author:hkinnane-authorphoto

Heather Kinnane writes steamy stories in almost every genre, though fantasy realms with all their magical possibilities have always been her favourite setting. She lives with her partner, two children and a variety of pets in the idyllic island state of Tasmania, and spends her spare time (when not writing, or being a mother) reading or walking through the lush Tasmanian bush, which gives her the inspiration for many of her fantasy writings.


She is a regular contributor to The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, where she squeezes her erotic stories into flash fiction – all below 800 words. A Faery Dream is her first major publication.


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  1. Great review, Harlie! I loved this book too, it’s a very fresh take on contemporary Fae stories, I think. I love all of Heather’s writing too 😀

    1. I love this story. I’m a huge sucker for Fae stories. Grab the rec button for your site. Everyone digs the chick! 😉


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