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Days of Fantasy for Christmas

We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into these fantasy books and grabbed some for yourself or as gifts for other fantasy lovers! If you missed any of the stops, you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below. And don’t forget to enter the awesome giveaway…

December 1st: Launch

December 2nd: Gillian Bronte Adams – Interview

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Snippet from the Interview with Amos McElhenny (find the full post here):

Prior to the events documented in Orphan’s Song, reported by Gillian Bronte Adams

He is already seated when I arrive at the Whistlin’ Waterfly. From the number of empty mugs, I guess he had company or has been here some time—the fly exploring his discarded meal seems to point to the latter. I rummage in my satchel for a parchment and quill as I approach.

GBA: Pardon me, but are you “the great Amos McElhenny”?

AM: (blinks bleary eyes and scowls) So they tell me.

December 3rd: Morgan L. Busse – Interview

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Snippet from the Character Interview (find the full post here):

1. Who are you?

I am Lady Selene of House Ravenwood, first daughter and heir.

2. What is your family’s gift?

That’s a secret. But since you seem to already know, we are known as the House of Dreamers. We can walk inside people’s dreams. How do we do that? By touch. When I touch a person while they are sleeping, I slip into their mind, into their subconscious, into their deepest memories. Seems like a pretty awesome gift, right? Until you find out that your job is to search out secrets within a person’s mind or…or find their worst nightmares and make them relive it over and over again until their heart gives out. *shudders

December 4th: Evangeline Denmark – Interview

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Snippet from the Author Interview (find the full post here):

Q: How did you come up with the idea for your novel, Curio?

A: I’m a bit of a logophile and regularly get crushes on words. I was driving home one day when the word curio popped into my head and I was just smitten. I played around with it in my head, thinking about how curio and curiosity have the same root. Then I started thinking about curio cabinets and the kinds of objects found in them—knick-knacks and figurines. For a while I daydreamed about all those curios coming to life. What kind of world would they live in? What would they want, and what would be important to them? Finally I landed on the question: What would be a curiosity to these animated curios? The answer was the key to the story—a human! From there I knew I’d be writing a novel about a girl trapped in an enchanted curio cabinet.

December 5th: Kate Avery Ellison – Interview

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Snippet from the Author Interview (find the full post here):

What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

The part where I am daydreaming and brainstorming about the fantastical worlds that my stories are set in. My Frost Chronicles series had one of my favorite settings of all the stories I’ve written—a harsh, icy landscape of snow and forest, with monsters that came out only at night and were repelled by these strange blue flowers that bloomed even in the snow. It’s like getting to be a kid again when I am imagining what the story’s setting and world will be like. I love it.

December 6th: J.M. Hackman – Excerpt

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

At the top of the stairs, a rush of air carrying the scent of wood smoke, moist earth, and sea salt filled my nostrils. On my left, a door to a small balcony stood ajar, letting in the fresh night air. A guy about my age stood near the balcony’s iron railing, his dark head bowed. He was seriously hot, his profile lit by the hallway torches. Dark, mussed hair, square jaw, and a straight nose—but the solemn set to his mouth drew me.

Was he okay? I could—you know what? None of my business. I started to turn away.

December 7th: Ronie Kendig – Interview

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Snippet from the Interview with the Haegan Celahar (find the full post here):

1. Prince Haegan, tell me the most interesting thing about you.

The most interesting thing? I suppose that I have endured these last ten years on a feather mattress without the use of my body and that my ears burned by the ramblings of an aged accelerant. All thanks to an enemy determined to crumble House Celahar and the Nine Kingdoms.

2. What do you do for fun?

Flames. This query feels like a jest. The most fun a person in my situation can have is having an intellectual duel with my aged tutor and guardian. Make not the mistake that because he is old, he is slow. Sir Gwogh has one of the keenest minds in all the Nine Kingdoms.

December 8th: C.E. Laureano – Excerpt

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

King Galbraith had always loomed large in Conor’s memory, but he had chalked it up to a child’s outsized perceptions. Now, he realized his memories were accurate. Clad in a wolf’s-fur cloak with the steel crown of kingship upon his brow, the king nearly filled the throne. His waist-length hair, brown-blond like Conor’s, fell in warrior’s braids over his shoulder, and several plaits decorated his long beard. Beside him stood Lord Riocárd, Galbraith’s champion and captain of the guard, bearing the sword of kingship. The captain was a formidable man in his own right, fierce-eyed and broad-shouldered, but even he was dwarfed in his lord’s presence.

December 9th: Belle Malory – Guest Post

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Snippet from the Guest Post (find the full post here):

Astrological Elements

Hello Friends!

In the spirit of my upcoming release, Electric Skies, I wanted to do a fun post about the different elements and their meanings astrologically. Take a look at your own sign’s element and see if it matches your personality.



December 10th: Melissa McShane – Guest Post

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Snippet from the Guest Post (find the full post here):

Voyager of the Crown by Melissa McShane

The Crown of Tremontane series began as a bedtime story I told myself that grew over time: the story of princess/spy Telaine, of the beautiful but bookishly shy Alison, of tough warrior Imogen. But I have no memory of how Zara North, heroine of Voyager of the Crown, came to be. Because I wrote the series back to front, starting with book three (Agent of the Crown), Zara’s character developed in a sideways manner. I always knew she had the magical ability to unconsciously heal herself, and I knew that would be a devastating ability for a queen to have—because it meant healing the damage of aging so she would never grow old or die, and that kind of eternal reign struck me as potentially terrible for a kingdom. She fascinated me from the beginning, even though she was a side character, great-aunt to Princess Telaine North Hunter whose story Agent was.

December 11th: J. Ellen Ross – Excerpt

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

Sitting upright, the girl shifted on her stool and waved to Marit. “Another, please,” she said, tapping her mostly empty mug. Her voice came low and smoky, with a hint of slurring.

From behind the bar, Marit raised her eyebrows and then shrugged. She snagged a smaller clay cup from a shelf and filled it. Then she slid it across the bar top.

The girl seemed to ponder over the drink, weighing what she should do with it. Then, without warning, she turned to face Jon. Bleary eyes focused on his face and she asked, “What would you do if you met a monster?”

December 12th: Jennifer Silverwood – Guest Post

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Snippet from the Guest Post (find the full post here):

I remember reading articles that said Tolkien, when he was writing his Lord of the Rings saga, began with names. A linguist himself, it’s not surprising that he believed that our history can be told through our words and names.

Let me state for the record I am not J.R.R. Tolkien, nor am I Robert Jordan or any of the brilliant fantasy authors who made me want to write. But I am proud to admit they taught me a thing or two about characters, places and the meaning behind the name. If you read their stories, particularly Tolkien, you can almost feel the connection between the name and what that place or person truly is. If only we had a guide to duplicity in real life, right?

For Silver Hollow, I wanted to give my characters a little extra meaning and give some hints as to their true nature. After all, you’ll soon discover that everything in Silver Hollow is only the surface above hidden layers.

December 13th: Melissa Wright – Excerpt

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

You did not focus intent. You did not point. It was far too dangerous, even for little girls.

From a grown witch of Bernie’s caliber, it could be deadly.

Diana stepped forward, crunching a wayward twig beneath her shoe. At the sound, a hundred moths took flight, coming from under shelves and out of foliage in a swarm of wings and dust. They’d transformed, in a matter of hours, and fluttered like a moving cloud through the shop, circling Diana where she stood before shifting and coursing toward the open front door. They swarmed closer together, a dark mass, and then disappeared into the night.

How had it become night already?

December 14th: Morgan Wylie – Trailer & Dreamcast

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Check out Morgan’s Dreamcast (find the full post here):

Tour Giveaway

Grand Prize #1: Winner will receive a FIRE HD 8 TABLET along with the following ebooks (open to those who are eligible for the Fire Tablet in their area can receive Kindle gifted copies of ebooks):

– CURIO, MARK OF BLOOD and ALCHEMY (The Curio Prequel), and THE ICE CHILD (a holiday novelette) by Evangeline Denmark

– A GIFT OF POISON by Kate Avery Ellison

– THE TWELFTH KEEPER by Belle Malory

– SERVANT O THE CROWN or VOYAGER OF THE CROWN (winner’s choice) by Melissa McShane


– SILVER HOLLOW by Jennifer Silverwood

– THE FREY SAGA (Books 1-3) ebook box set by Melissa Wright

Grand Prize #2: Winner will receive the following print books (open to continental US residents):

– ORPHAN’S SONG by Gillian Bronte Adams

– MARK OF THE RAVEN by Morgan L. Busse

– SPARK by J.M. Hackman

– ABIASSA’S FIRE 3-book collection by Ronie Kendig

– The complete set of SONG OF SEARE TRILOGY by C.E. Laureano

– SILENT ORCHIDS by Morgan Wylie

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Vacation Pictures – Cruise 2017

If you follow me on Facebook then you know that for my 50th birthday, my sweet husband gave me a cruise for my present.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  Hubby is the more introverted one and doesn’t like crowds.  I’m the extrovert that loves being around people and going to places.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my quiet time but I go crazy if I’m not around people every couple of days.  Hubs could be a hermit and be fine with it.  LOL!  So for him to get on a boat for 7 days with people, I just couldn’t believe it.

We sailed out of Galveston on Carnival for a 7-day cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras.  It was the Saturday to Saturday cruise.  Our cabin was located on the lowest level (above the crew’s quarters) but let me tell you, it was comfortable and we were on the port side so we got to see everything.  He planned it during our school’s spring break so I didn’t miss work and our son and dog could stay with this folks during the trip.  They live in Port Arthur (SE Texas) so it was a win for them.  Brian didn’t even miss us.  But he never does.  He loves being with his cousins, aunts/uncles, and grandparents.

We are already planning our next cruise for Spring Break 2018 and we are taking the boy with us.  He will have a blast.

To say that we were disappointed in Cozumel is the truth.  Way too commercial for us but then again, we never made it to a beach.  Hopefully next year we can actually plan an excursion there.  In Belize, our excursion was tubing in a cave.  In a rain forest.  Breathtaking is all I can say about that.  Unfortunately, those pictures are on a waterproof disposable camera that we haven’t developed yet.  In Honduras, we went to the beach and shopped.  We are definitely doing an excursion there next year.  Honduras was our favorite port.  Unspoiled, beautiful, green and it’s where we did most of the shopping.  Loaded up on coffee, cigars, chocolate and soccer stuff for the boy.

So here a few of the pictures from our trip.  I know, I’m slow to upload them but hey, I finally had the time.  Enjoy!

Our ship from the Galveston ferry.
Our cabin. It was huge and look at our window. We could see everything.
Guy’s Hamburgers. Free! And they were yummy!
Towel animals at the main pool area.


Hubs and I at the beach in Honduras. We are not “selfie” people, as you can tell.
Hand rolled cigars in Honduras. Hubs was in heaven. Fascinating, too.
The coastline of Honduras. And yes, that’s a real shipwreck.
Coast of Honduras.
Our waitstaff in the dining room. We never ate the buffet. It was a treat for us to be pampered at dinner.
Dinner and a show from the staff. Some of the guys were good enough for Magic Mike. Seriously!
We have pics of all our towel animals. It became a thing. LOL!
Our lunch after tubing in Belize. OMG!
Hubs getting drinks in Belize. That’s in the rain forest.
The boat ride to Belize. Due to the protected Reef, we had to get on a boat from our boat to the island. Beautiful.

So there you have it. I know, I rarely post anything personal on the blog but I thought I should now. Now, our family vacation is in July. Tubing on the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas. Can.not.wait!!!!

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Happy Book Birthday to Her Secret Ranger (The Men of At Ease Ranch #2) by Donna Michaels w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @Donna_Michaels

Harlie here:  I read the first book in this series and LOVED it.  Sadly, I’m on a wishlist through Net Galley to read this one.  Great series.  Funny, sexy and the At Ease Ranch should be made into a reality.  Thanks Ms. Michaels for the great idea.