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Pink’s Review and Interview featuring Megan Gaudino’s Never Kiss and Tell (Guardian Kiss #2) with a rafflecopter giveaway! @mkgaud


Kiss, 2)
by Megan
Teen Publishing
Sophia Destino has a target on her back.  Someone
is determined to make sure 
she doesn’t see tomorrow. 
When Leo takes off on a dangerous mission  to track down her attacker, Sophia is left to deal with a life that’s been turned upside down. 
Then she discovers her importance to guardian legend. She thought she was strong. She thought she could trust Leo.
Until she discovers that her biggest fear is Leo’s greatest desire. 
Leo wants to be human again, and Sophia is the key to him doing just that. But should she risk everything for Leo and their happily ever after, or has Leo been tricking her all along to get what he wants?
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14+ due to adult situations
“Don’t be afraid.” Leo’s deep voice wrapped around me like velvet.
I bolted to the light switch and flicked it up. Was my mind playing tricks on me?
“Leo…” It was barely a whisper and held a hint of a question.
“My Sophia.”
He stood up and held his arms out to me, just waiting. Waiting was something I’d done a lot of for Leo. I kept my spot by the door, with hopes so high they could kill me. He looked the same—out-of-this-world hot, and fortunately not injured in any way my eyes could detect. He wore severely distressed light-washed jeans and a plain black V-neck. His flaxen hair curled wildly around his face and his lips were tight.
The look was so good on him I almost couldn’t take it. The dark look on his face told me he was feeling exactly the same way about me and my dress. Without knowing who made the first move, I ended up in his arms. Leo held me close to his chest as my feet no longer touched the ground. I clung to him with
everything in me, not caring how hot his flesh felt against mine and forgetting to be angry with him for being gone so long.
“I missed you,” he told me as his hand cupped the back of my head while his other supported the entirety of my weight.
“I missed you more, I bet,” I told him, believing my words to be true. There were so many thoughts swirling in my head.
He sat us down on the edge of the bed and cradled me in his lap since I refused to end our hug.
“Well, you could at least see me.” I had to point out the obvious. I’d had no way of knowing if he was even alive.
Leo gently nudged my head up with his shoulder and tilted my chin with his burning fingers
until it was level with his. “I’m sorry I left you.”
Before I answered, his lips caught mine in a crushing kiss. My hands buried themselves in his hair and held his face as close to mine as possible. My heart was beating so loudly I was sure he could hear it and I couldn’t breathe but it didn’t seem to matter.
Leo’s mouth only left mine to kiss my shoulder, then trailed down to my arm. Where his lips
met my skin, visible puffs of steam appeared.
“Oh, God.”
He groaned and tried to pull away from me.
“No,” I told him as I tried to keep him close. 
“I’m hurting you.” He brushed the hair away from my eyes, just barely touching me.
“Stopping would hurt me.”
My words were all it took for his lips to be back on mine. Leo fell back on the bed and pulled me with him. First I was on top of him. Then all of a sudden Leo was on top. My hands pressed into his back with all the strength I had as I pulled him closer to me.

Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1.  Cotton or Silk?

Cotton! But I do like silk pillowcases because they are better for curly hair.

  1. Champagne/beer/wine?

Yes. All of them.

  1. Plotter/pantser

Pantser. Though lately I’ve been planning things a bit more…

  1. Describe your workspace

I have a lovely little desk in my bedroom but I hardly ever write there. I usually write in my bed, propped up on a hundred pillows with a lap desk. It works for me.

  1. Sports fan or just tolerate it?

Fan. Particularly football and hockey.

  1. Who is your biggest influence on writing?

Probably the author of the last book I read. I fall in love with books so easily and get inspired from each one I read.

  1. Favorite food –


  1. When did you start writing?  

Probably a bit later than most people. I started telling stories when I was young, three of four, but I didn’t start writing them down until I was in college.

  1. If money were no object, where would you like to live?

Honestly, probably in a really cute tiny house on wheels. That way I could drive anywhere and everywhere without leaving home.

  1. What’s next for you?  

I’m jumping right into editing the final installment in the Guardian Kiss series as well as working on some brand new projects that I’m really excited about!

Thanks so much for hosting me! XX


As most know, YA fantasy/paranormal is NOT my go-to genre to read.  When I was approached to see if I had time to read the books, I though sure.  Why not?  I need to get out of my comfort zone.  What I didn’t anticipate is loving the characters so much and then getting PISSED off that I have to wait for the last/conclusion of their story.  Grrrr….Harlie hates that, Pink does not.  Doesn’t matter what genre it is in, Harlie hates it but I don’t.  Will I be waiting on pins and needles for the last book?  You bet because I’m totally invested in Leo and Sophia.  Like totally…

I know you are probably thinking then why the negativity at the beginning?  Just to warn readers that 1) You have to read them order, 2) The story continues 3) You will be frustrated because they just END 4) Then you will swoon because…well, Leo and Felix.  Aiden can suck it.  There I said it.  Harlie will NOT be happy but I don’t care.  Ms. Gaudino has written a series that I can sink my teeth into.   Again, I, Pink, don’t read a lot in this genre but I loved it.

The world building is awesome and the characters are real.  Yes, as in realistic.  Sophis is having to deal with a lot on her plate and then having to deal with almost dying and then the problem with an ex-boyfriend and then Leo!  Oh and then Felix is sniffing around her too and Leo’s NOT happy.  I might sound like there is a bunch going on and in some ways it is but the core of the story is Sophia and Leo.  It’s sweet and appropriate for the couple.

I need my Leo and Sophia fix now.  I HAVE to know how it all plays out in the end.  Grrr…Pink, just like Harlie, is not patient.

PINK, Harlie’s baby sister

recommend-harlies- new

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Books 1 and 2 now available HERE

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About the Author:
Megan Gaudino works in a high school
library by day and on her own books by night. She is particularly fond of every
show on HBO and writes YA and NA novels full of emotions. Megan lives in
Pittsburgh where you can find her reading, writing, and Instagraming.
Instagram- https://instagram.com/mkgaud/       
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Ten Things You Need to Know About Virtual Book Tours…seriously!

10 Things You Need to Know About Virtual Book Tours


By Dorothy Thompson, CEO & Founder of Pump Up Your Book

By now, most authors know what virtual book tours are or at least
have heard of them.  They’re that wonderful marketing tool that should
be a must have in every new book’s campaign.  With each new book I
write, I’m making a game plan before the book is even published and a
virtual book tour is the first promotional venue on that list.
While most of us know what they are, there are still a few new
authors who might have heard of them but have no idea what they
involve.  I give you my top 10 things you need to know about virtual
book tours so that you will know what to expect.

  1. Virtual book tours are the BEST way to get the MOST online exposure for your book.
    Not only are you presenting your book and yourself to thousands of
    people, all of your interviews, guest posts and reviews are
    archived which means months down the road, you’re still selling
    your book because of that one tour.
  2. Virtual book tours ARE a lot of work. Not only are
    you searching for the perfect blogs to host you, you are acting as
    the middle man between you and the blogger unless you are using a
    paid service such as Pump Up Your Book who will do all the work for
    you.  Even if you do sign up with Pump Up Your Book, there is
    still lots of work to do completing assignments – filling out
    interviews and writing guest posts unless you choose an all review
    tour.  Even though it requires a little bit of your time to fill
    out interviews and write guest posts, it’s well worth it.
  3. You will learn more about your book than you ever did.
    I had an author tell me that through the interviews and guest
    posts she had to complete, she never learned so much about her book
    which caught her off guard.  Now when she is interviewed on
    radio shows and makes television appearances, she is better prepared.
  4. Virtual book tours will build up your author platform.
    No matter if you’re a fiction author or a nonfiction author,
    virtual book tours will build up your author platform using your
    key search words.
  5. Your reviews are guaranteed. Offline publicists
    while they mean well do it all wrong.  They query a book
    blogger, make arrangements to send the book, then that’s where it
    stops.  The review is not a guaranteed thing.  The reviewer can
    post the review anytime they see fit.  With virtual book
    tours, your review is guaranteed on a certain date unless the
    reviewer jumps ship which rarely happens.  I had an author tell me
    she signed up with an offline publicist who sent out many books and
    only one or two reviewers actually came through for them.  That
    was money loss for the author.  Books don’t come cheap these
    days so coming up with a date you and the reviewer can agree upon
    guarantees that review will be a given thing.
  6. Many reviewers now take ebooks which save you money.
    Thank goodness someone was smart enough to invent a device that
    automatically loads a book in a few seconds (no waiting to go to
    the book store anymore my friend) and makes it fun to read.
    When Amazon lowered their price of the Kindle, sales soared and
    book lovers started talking about getting one.  What that means is that
    it opened up a wonderful way to get these books to the book
    reviewers quickly and less expensively.  Have you noticed how
    much books are and how much it takes to ship them?  Not saying all
    reviewers will take ebooks, but as time goes on, most will have an
    e-reader and, as a matter of fact, will prefer an ebook.
  7. More website hits, more blog hits, more Twitter hits and more Facebook Fan Page hits. All authors should have a website or blog and accounts at Twitter and Facebook.  No matter if you think they’re all a waste of time.  A virtual book tour will definitely give you more hits at all places as long as your links are in your bio.
  8. Going on a virtual book tour raises your Alexa rankings.
    What is Alexa?  Alexa measures how well you are doing in the
    search engines.  By going on a virtual book tour, and including
    interviews and guest posts during that tour, your website and blog
    links are included in every bio (or should be!).  Those are
    incoming links which Alexa uses to measure your ranking.  The more
    your website or blog link shows up on other sites, the more
    valuable your site is to them and thus, your rankings soar.
  9. You will learn how to sell your book through media exposure.
    Not all authors take advantage of their interviews and guest posts
    by gearing them toward their audience, thus luring them to their
    book and/or website/blog.  I’ve had many authors on tour and
    the ones who really take the time to make their interviews and
    guest posts effective selling tools are the ones who profit the most.
    The key thing here is to make your audience curious.  One liners in
    the case of interviews may not cut it.  Of course there are
    only so many ways you can answer “What’s your book about?” but take
    your time and get your audience’s curiosity peaked so that they do
    make your way over to your website or your book’s buying link.
  10. Virtual book tours teach you how to connect well with others.
    There is no better way to learn how to network.  All these
    wonderful book bloggers who agree to host you are your new friends
    in your extended network and they will be there for you the next
    time you have a book to promote (unless they completely hated it of
    course).  You’ll also learn how to use the social networks
    effectively as you study how to get people over to your stops by
    persuasive wording.  Remember to talk to your audience, not at

There you have it.  10 reasons I feel you need to know about virtual
book tours in a nutshell.  If you have a tour coordinator as opposed to
setting one up yourself, she will walk you through it so that it will be
a fun experience for all.  Your book will thank you for it.

Dorothy Thompson is CEO/Founder of Pump Up Your Book, an award-winning public relations company specializing in online book
publicity.  You can visit her website at www.PumpUpYourBook.com or follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/pumpupyourbook and Facebook at www.facebook.com/pumpupyourbook.

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Top Ten List featuring Black Apocalypse (the Vulcan Legacies #4) by Sasha Hibbs w/a GC giveaway!


Black Apocalypse
The Vulcan Legacies, 4
Sasha Hibbs
                                                                        51,000 words
YA Paranormal Romance
Evernight Teen Publishing
Resurrected from the dead, Michael Blackwell is enraged and heartbroken to find Ally—the girl he loved—in the arms of the very man that killed him as a human. In Michael’s
eyes, Ally’s betrayal is absolute. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the man who killed Michael, and even more with the girl he thought he knew. 
Black Apocalypse is a journey full of heartache and redemption where the past weaves an uncertain future. Can Michael forgive Ally for her betrayal? Can Ally finally embrace who she is destined to become to save them both? Who is the elusive Seraph, Laurel? Who was the Devourer before his colossal fall from grace? What decisions did they make together that altered the course of history? Shocking revelations, prophecies fulfilled, a war where not everyone will make it out alive…the final installment in the Vulcan Legacies will leave you breathless. 

14+ due to adult situations
Buy Links:   Evernight Teen
Follow along with the tour HERE
He glanced  at her silhouette. She stood beside him quietly, a tear streaking her pale face, one silver line visible against the cold wintery night.
“Will you dance with me?” Abaddon said, turning her back to face him.
Ally spoke with her body. She shivered as she turned to him, reaching out and lacing her fingers through his.
Abaddon responded by pulling her close against him, removing his hands from hers so he could wrap them around her, holding her tight and praying for the courage to see his task through.
The Seraph told him, told him what he must do. In his broken mind, the pieces lay jagged and strewn, but he was putting them together, regaining the memories he’d lost through the blinding rage of his illusion. But Ally was real. He was holding her in his arms, and she came to him with trust, with patience, while he tried to regain the memories from his human life, ones  that would guide him on the path he was supposed to be on now.
But as he held her in his arms, she felt so fragile, so breakable. He could hear the soft thrumming of her heart. The beat was uneven, a rhythm that reminded him of the last remnants of life. Ally was dying. She was his soulmate and the beat of her heart gave him all the courage he needed. He wasn’t going to kill her. He was going to save her. 
Abaddon slowly broke away from her, keeping her at arm’s length. Her light was dimming, but there was the faintest glimmer in her eyes that held hope for him. She would be strong enough to endure what he was getting ready to do to her. She had to be.  
Abaddon brought his wrist up to his mouth, extended his canines and pierced his flesh. As blood rushed up to the surface, he gazed into her eyes. He parted his lips, ready to speak, to tell her it would be okay, but was silenced by Ally resting a single finger against his lips.
“Shh,” Ally whispered.
Her gaze told him that she knew what was happening. She wouldn’t fight him. He could see that she would trust him, blindly put all her faith in him, was truly ready to walk down an unknown path with him.
He watched in awe as she circled her cold fingers around his wrist and brought it up to her lips. She locked gazes with him and he could feel her taking his essence into him. She ended by gently kissing his wrist where the wound was. She swept her hair to one side, exposing her neck up at him.
Abaddon felt a warm tear run down his cheek.
“It’s okay, Michael,” Ally said, her voice so little. “I’m ready.”
He unfurled his wings, pulled her against him tightly, lowered his lips to hers, and in his mind he whispered the words from a song, a song from a long time ago that meant so much to him then and even more to him now.
“I’ve waited such a long time for you,” he said. He softly caressed her lips with his, savoring the feel of her against him, the kiss he’d waited a lifetime and beyond for. He raised his gaze back to hers, brushing a wisp of hair away from her eyes, cupping her face.
“A lifetime,” he said, as he brushed soft kisses along her temple, her cheek, her jawline, back to her trembling lips. Thinking back to that night long ago, he lived the words of that song, held nothing back for what he felt for her.
Abaddon could see the tears standing in her eyes. He kissed them away, their salt lingering on his lips. He drew her closer into him so that he could feel she was real, she was in his arms, her life in his hands.
And through her tears, he could see the relief, he could see the hope, he could see her love staring back at him. His heart hammered in his chest, that muscle giving way to a new life, a life that only love could give.
He brushed his lips against hers again and again, whispering those lyrics so appropriate for them, for their life, their death, their love against a world that, like her essence, was fading fast. “You’ll always be mine.”
With shaky hands, Abaddon pulled her down to the ground with him. Cradling her in his lap, he grazed his canines against her throat. “I need you,” Abaddon whispered, as Ally laced her fingers through his hair, pulling him down to her vein. She
arched her back, pressed up against him, encouraged him to drink from her, to take her to where he’d been.
Abaddon exhaled against her skin. With one hand holding her head and the other pressed firmly into the small of her back, he pierced her, sunk his teeth into the soft flesh at her neck. He took her into him, her blood coursing through him, sating a hunger for far more than sustenance. In her blood was the story of their life, the answers he sought, the lyrics to their own song.
Abaddon could feel the life slowly fade from her, could hear her heartbeat slow. Removing his canines, he drew back from her. Her head lolled to the side, her pupils beginning to fix. He brought her lips back to his, kissed her gently. As Ally’s last breath escaped her body, Abaddon clutched her tightly to his chest, a crimson tear falling against her, he whispered into her ear, “Hurry back to me.”

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About My Book Series:

Hi and thanks so much for having me!

First, my series is a YA Paranormal series with a nice helping of romance.

1.) I wrote the books before ever traveling to the locations I wrote about. Risky, but traveling costs money. The nice thing about today’s technology is we can google just about anything!

2.) It’s a 4 book series. Originally I intended this to be a trilogy, but the characters grew beyond me and I had to write an additional book.

3.) The original villain in the series, pleaded to me, and feeling sorry for him, I turned his life around and made him the good guy. Funny how things turn out so different from what we originally intended.

4.) The finished product on book 1, Black Amaranth, came in at around 230 pages. Originally it was 300 pages long. So, there were some serious scenes cut from the series.

5.) My series has a strong religious undertone. My publisher asked that I take some of that out. See # 4. That’s where the machete came in.

6.) I had the very last scene in the fourth book planned out before I ever sat down to write book 1. Talk about putting the cart before the horse J

7.) I named one of my secondary characters after a beta-reader. And in terms of other influences on names, my main character Ally Watson… the ‘Watson’ part hails from my husband’s side of the family. Also, ‘Ravenscraft’ and ‘Belle Crow’ are all influenced from my husband.

8.) Developing a series entails creating a load of characters. While I love them all, the main character isn’t actually my favorite. It’s a toss-up between two other secondary characters… Brandi Frasier and Abraham Rathbone.

9.) I originally named my main character, Ally Waston, Elena. After is seemed that ‘Elena’ popped up everywhere, I decided to change her name to Ally.

10.) I wrote the YA series to where it would have crossover appeal. The intention was to end it and foreshadow the adult version of the series. Shall we say that it is called the Vulcan Legacies series and that Vulcan is thousands of years old and it’s time to write his story? *wiggles eyebrows*

About the Author:
By age 5, Sasha Hibbs’ favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. By age 12, she completed her 7th grade book report on the sequel, Scarlett. By 18, she met and married her very own Mr. Rhett Butler and as it turns out, she never had to worry about
going back to Tara to win the love of her life back. Fortunately, he stuck with her.  
With a love of all things paranormal, the ambiance of the South with its gigantic antebellum mansions and canopies of Spanish moss, and a love for her husband’s rich storytelling of blacksmiths and the mythology surrounding their origins,
it wasn’t long until the world of her debut novel, Black Amaranth, was born.
When not working her day job as a nurse, you can find Sasha dreaming of her next beach trip, reading the latest YA novel, and drinking more white chocolate mocha than she should.  
Sasha lives in mountainous West Virginia with her husband, Tim, and their two daughters, Aeliza and Ava. She is currently hard at work on her next novel.
*    *
*    *
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