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Happy Release Week & #Review of Darkest Temptation (the Dark Ones #4) by Rachel Van Dyken! @jennw23 @RachVD @rachvd


Darkest Temptation, anall-new standalone in The Dark Ones Saga from New York Times Bestseller Rachel Van Dyken is available NOW!


Darkest Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publishing Date: October 31st, 2017

I’m a werewolf King who chose to step down out of grief for my mate.

For centuries I’ve been alone, choosing to live a life of modesty despite the wealth surrounding me.

I deserve to be punished.

I crave things I have no business craving.

And it is manifesting itself in a way I’m terrified I won’t be able to control any longer.

Especially since she arrived.

Vampire. Orphan. Beaten beyond recognition.

My blood calls to her in a way that makes no sense.

I’m a wolf.

She’s a vampire.

The two don’t mate.

They barely tolerate one another.

All it takes is one slip of control on my part — one taste.

And I doom us all.

Then again, I never knew what is lurking inside has the power to balance good and evil.


The air around me thickened with a sweet-smelling fog. I inhaled and closed my eyes, allowing my baser instincts to take over.

“Wolf.” She whispered my name.

I sniffed. The voice was not familiar. It was not my mate. It was… other.

“Wolf,” she beckoned again.

Branches crunched beneath my feet as I made my way closer to the sweet scent, closer to the warmth, closer to what I should have been running from.

I was already mated.

And yet — I was being pulled.

Like a siren’s song.

I hated sirens.

Every last one of them.

But only the strongest were male.

This — I sniffed the air again as ecstasy took over — this was no male.

This was all female.

The instinct to protect kicked in, forcing a surge of adrenaline through my limbs as I staggered toward the trees.

Green eyes blinked through the fog.

I stilled.

My breath caught.


I frowned, reaching for her.

“Kiss me, Wolf.”

Why was I tempted?

Why did I want to touch this being?

When every hair stood on end like she was foe not friend. When I had a mate back home that I loved more than life itself.

Confusion warred with disgust, and then the vampire stood on her tiptoes and pressed her cheek against mine, the way my people greeted.

But she was no wolf.

Her lips grazed the outside of my ear before she bit down onto my neck…

I jerked awake. Sweat pooled the bed like I’d just taken a shower.

And my mate, the one I was so convinced would be lying right next to me, was gone.

She’d been gone.

Over a hundred years.

And every year, like clockwork, on the anniversary of her death.

I saw my vampire.

She bit me.

And I woke up with a bruise on my neck as if it were real.


Okay, when I agreed to read this gem of a book, I had NO CLUE what to expect.  Yes, I went in blind.  In some ways, I’m glad but in some other little ways, I wished that I read the others in the series.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, you can read this book on its own but at times, I felt a bit lost because I didn’t quite understand the other couples and how they all fit into Mason and Serenity’s story.  No worries after awhile.  I finally figured it all out.  Of course, now, I MUST read Cassius’ story.  Which of course is FREE now.  I have it downloaded but I digress.

I normally don’t read a lot of PNR anymore because it just seems like it is the same old, same old.  But Ms. Van Dyken has written a story that I really got into from the start.  I knew that I would be reading about a vampire and a werewolf but don’t let the blurb fool you.  These two people are NOT what they seem or what is written in the blurb.  Oh yes, when all is revealed, I finally let go of the breath that I was holding.  Let me tell you, just when you think you have figured it out, you will be wrong.

Mason is in pain and in my book, for no good reason.  He has been lied to, betrayed and let to brood for years.  Again, I’m not going to get into the middle part of the book because I would totally spoil it but it’s a doozy.  Still trying to process it, too.  Let’s just say that after all the moodiness, him thinking that he is a beast, and not believing that a vampire can be his mate…I swooned.  Literally swooned near the ending of the book.  His arc came full circle and my eyes at moisture in them.  I don’t know where that came from.

Serenity is a heroine in a PNR book that I could actually relate to.  I know, weird.  But I liked her and fought right along with her when it came to Mason.  I also liked how she treated and was treated by the others in the house.  The scene at the grocery store is funny and hot.  She wasn’t afraid of Mason but she just couldn’t quite wrap her head around him being her mate in the beginning.  I actually had to chuckle a couple of times when I should have been horrified but Ms. Van Dyken wrote it beautifualy.

There are smexy times in the books but nothing to graphic.  More sensual and emotional for me than anything.  Ms. Van Dyken can write a satisfying sex scene with just shear emotion than the actual act itself.  I loved that.

Overall, I really liked Mason and Serenity.  An emotional story that gripped from the begining.  This isn’t you typical PNR story or for that matter world.  It’s different and sometimes different is better.


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The Dark Ones

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About the Author:

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

Connect with the Author:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RachelVanDyken

Website: http://rachelvandykenauthor.com

Newsletter: http://bit.ly/RVDNewsletter

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachvd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RachVD

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Rachel’s Rockin’ Readers: http://bit.ly/RachelsRockinReaders

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#Review of Secrets at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #5) by Addison Cole w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @PrismBookTours

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Secrets at Seaside
(Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #5)
by Addison Cole
Sweet Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 288 pages
October 25th 2017

Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers features a group of fun, flirty, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They’re sassy, flawed, and so easy to relate to, you’ll be begging to enter their circle of friends!

Secrets at Seaside by Addison Cole is the sweet edition of New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster’s steamy romance novel Seaside SecretsThe stories and characters remain the same and convey all of the passion you expect between two people in love, without any explicit scenes or harsh language.


Tony Black is the hottest surfer on the planet. He travels the world throughout the year and spends his summers on Cape Cod with his friends, at the Seaside cottages in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. He’s got his choice of women, but Amy Maples is the one he wants. Fourteen years ago she was his for an entire summer, until a devastating accident changed everything, and what they had seemed like it had never existed—at least for her.

Amy Maples is as consistent as the day is long. She’s spent summers on Cape Cod forever, she always does the right thing, and she’s spent years trying to reclaim the heart of Tony Black, the only man she’s ever loved. She’s back for a summer of fun with her friends at Seaside, only this year she’s been offered the opportunity of a lifetime thousands of miles away, and she’s decided to try one last time to reconnect with Tony. But having a relationship with Tony means dealing with her past—and dealing with her past may knock her to her knees.

Read, Write, Love at Seaside
Dreaming at Seaside
Hearts at Seaside
Sunsets at Seaside
Coming soon!
Nights at Seaside (releasing December 13th)
Seized by Love at Seaside
Embraced at Seaside
Lovers at Seaside
Whispers at Seaside

Praise for the Series

“Addison Cole’s stories are the perfect blend of sizzle and sweet. You won’t be able to stop reading.” —  New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne

“Romance, fun, emotions, and happily ever afters that will warm your heart, Addison Cole writes charming and unforgettable stories about real people and love in its most wonderfully moving forms.” — New York Times bestselling author Violet Duke

“Addison Cole has created characters you’ll fall in love with and a seaside world you’ll never want to leave.” — USA Today bestselling author Chris Keniston

“Loved every sweet word of this story. Loved how the relationship developed between Leanna and Kurt in such a genuine way, it made me so invested in their happily ever after. An absolute treat to read and cannot wait for more from Addison Cole.” — New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett (aka Juliette Poe, on “Read, Write, Love at Seaside”)

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This is a hard review to write.  I liked the book.  Loved Tony to bits but I was a bit let down by Amy.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked her but how she wouldn’t talk to Tony at the beginning of the book really got on my nerves.  I mean, they had a history and she didn’t even want to acknowledge what had happened.  I felt for Tony at this point and I really didn’t see how Ms. Cole was going to get these two on the same page.

Tony has the patience of a saint.  I wouldn’t have put up with Amy reluctance to talk about their time from the special summer.  And how she NEVER told him about what had really happened.  My heart broke for Tony and I had a bit of disgust for Amy.  And to think when he showed up at her dorm room.  UGH!!!  Again, Amy’s actions compared to her inner thoughts just irked me in the beginning of the book.  Once, she FINALLY decided to really talk to Tony, I had more respect for her and the rest of the book.’

The girls in the books are spot on.  Bella has got to be my favorite.  No filter Bella.  I really need to read her book.  Just for snark.  And Leanna’s, too.  Heck all of them.  I read them years ago when they were hotter but it has been a while.  In fact, that’s the one thing that I really think would have made Tony and Amy’s book more emotional for me in the end.  It had all the feels but I would have liked a bit more of the sexiness in their coupling.  What finally sold me on Amy and Tony was the end when Amy realized that her feelings for Tony were totally genuine and that she finally decided to tell the girls about that summer a long time ago.

This book is emotional, fun and satisfying.  Just because the beginning got on my nerves I really did like it and recommend it.  I just need to read Bella’s book.  I loved that girl.  No filter.  HA HA!  I also like how all the guys were there for Tony, too.  This group is just too much for me but in a good way.

I can’t wait for Skye’s book to come out in December.  Talk about someone without a filter.  Read the chapter insert at the end of this book.  🙂


Other Books in the Series

And coming December 2017…

About the Author

Addison Cole is the sweet alter ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Melissa Foster. She writes humorous and emotional sweet contemporary romance. Her books do not include explicit sex scenes or harsh language. Addison spends her summers on Cape Cod, where she dreams up wonderful love stories in her house overlooking Cape Cod Bay.

Addison enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups and welcomes an invitation to your event.

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Tour Schedule

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#Review of Too Distracting (the Lewis Cousins #3) by Bethany Lopez! @bethanylopez2 @BethanyLopez2

Today we are celebrating the release of TOO DISTRACTING by Bethany Lopez. Too Distracting is the third book in a contemporary romance series, The Lewis Cousins. Check out the teasers and buy links below. The rest of the series is ON SALE for a very limited time!


Purchase for $2.99

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Too Distracting by Bethany Lopez

(The Lewis Cousins, #3)
Contemporary Romance – Coming October 23

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As the successful and driven CEO of Lewis Sporting Goods, Dillon rarely has time to eat a home cooked meal, let alone put any time or effort into maintaining an actual relationship. He’s been living on fumes and casual encounters for so long that finding love and starting a family never even crossed his mind, until his cousins Gabe and Reardon found women who gave them both.

Laurel has been in love with Dillon since she was nine years old. Unfortunately, he’s always seen her as his little sister’s pesky best friend. She can’t stop her heart from beating frantically whenever he’s near, but she’s become an expert at keeping her feelings from everyone, especially Dillon. Her secret has been safe, until now…

When Laurel needs help with her business plan, her best friend urges her to seek help from Dillon. Determined to push her feelings aside and focus on her fledgling business, Laurel knows she needs to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means being treated to indifference and big brother teasing from the man she loves.

Can Laurel work with Dillon and still keep her heart intact, or will things get Too Distracting when Dillon realizes what a beautiful, kind, and generous woman she has become?

Too Distracting is the third in an all-new small-town romance series by Bethany Lopez. Follow the Lewis cousins as they learn about love and loss in Cherry Springs, the kind of place where there are festivals for every occasion and everyone knows your business.


First things first.  That cover.  Oh my…and Dillion is a ginger.  *swoon*  And of course, I didn’t read the first two books in the series but no worries if you haven’t.  Ms. Lopez does a great job of getting you all caught up.  I will have to say that I fell in love with Rearden so I might be, okay I bought it, his book.  Not that I didn’t like Gabe but there is something about a character that is a self-confessed nerd and has an obsession with Star Wars.  But I digress…

This book just has all the feels for me.  The tropes are many but here you go,  childhood friends to lovers, enemies to lovers (as children), and best friend’s brother.  I think that about covers it but its so much more than that.  You get a sense of how Dillion and Laurel had really been in love with each other since they were kids.  At least Laurel had been and just when she thought it was too late, Dillion surprised her.  Of course, Jaz (Dillion’s twin sister/Laurel’s BFF) didn’t help matters and how my, I really wanted to slap Jaz at almost the end of the book.   I kinda expected it but still, she had no business doing what she did.

Dillion is a great hero.  He really had the most to grow in terms of his feelings for Laurel.  His journey was slower to build but once he FINALLY figured it out, there was no stopping him.  Men can be dense and he is definitely slow on the uptake.  When the lightbulb went on, I loved it.  All the pranks, all the looks, the conversations from the past…it all made sense to him.  Laurel, I really felt for her.  From her parents basically wanting nothing to do with her.  In fact, the statement from her mother broke my heart.  No wonder she spent so much time with the Lewis’ growing up.  Regardless of her time with Travis (PIG) and the issues with her parents, she is a strong person.  She just needed to figure it out and Dillion was right there with her to guide her.

The rest of the family Gabe, Chloe, Chris, Zoey, and Rearden are a hoot.  They care greatly for each other and it shows.  Jaz, I’m not sure about.  I didn’t like her actions towards the end of the book but overall, she is a great friend to Laurel and a devoted cousin/sibling.  I can’t wait to see who knocks her off her pedestal.  I want to be Shane but who knows.

I highly recommend picking this book up and getting the other books in the series, too.  The pacing is quick, emotions run high at times, the smexy times are perfect and you will just fall in love with the characters.



Pre-order for $2.99

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TOO TEMPTING (Available now!)

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Smashwords

TOO COMPLICATED (Available now!)

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Smashwords


Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She’s a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn’t reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.


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