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#Review, Excerpt and Playlist for The Highlander Who Loved Me (Highland Hearts #1) by Tara Kingston w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @tarakingston115

The Highlander Who Loved Me

by Tara Kingston
Highland Hearts #1
Publication Date: December 12, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select, Historical Romance


Synopsis: He may be her fiercest ally…or a scoundrel waiting to betray her.Johanna Templeton is on a life-and-death quest. Swept into an intrigue that rivals the tales she pens, she joins forces with a Highland rogue to find the treasure that will save her kidnapped niece—a prize the Scot seeks for reasons that have nothing to do with ransom. Engaging the Highlander in a sizzling battle of the sexes, Johanna shields her heart.

Connor MacMasters, spy for Queen Victoria, is a man on a mission—keep a legendary gemstone from an evil man. Trailing an American novelist who holds the key to the treasure should’ve been simple, but Johanna awakens feelings he’d long thought dead. Torn between duty and desire, he wants her in his bed, but loving her would be a fool’s game. Blasted shame his heart doesn’t agree.



“Will you please get dressed?”

Her breath caught as he reached for a length of plaid that lay carelessly strewn over a quilt rack.

“As ye wish.” With a bold wink, he wrapped the fabric around the lower half of his body.

“That’s better.” The words burst from Johanna. Suddenly, she could breathe again.

He leaned back, and his gaze sauntered over her. The heat in his eyes, nearly a physical touch, warmed her. Once again, her defiant heart beat a wild dance. Definitely not a waltz. No, this was a tarantella. Exhilarating. Thrilling. Utterly rebellious.

“Aye, ye are indeed a temptation. I’ve seldom seen a more appealing sight. Most women would don silk or satin or some ridiculous lacy get-up that left them half bare. But you…you, Miss Templeton…have chosen cotton from head to toe.”

“Oh, my.” Had the whisper actually made it past her lips? Mortification spiraled through her veins. She’d forgotten the matronly nightdress she wore.

“Ye’ve decided to maintain yer mystery.” The mischief in his eyes transformed into something far more dangerous, laced with desire and unspoken promise. He slipped his hands over her shoulders. The low rumble of his voice stirred a deep, languorous need deep within. “I like it.”

He was teasing her. Of that, she was quite certain. He was no fool. Surely he knew the truth of her purpose in his chamber.

But that did not dilute the power of his attraction, the magnetic pull of the hunger in those penetrating green eyes. She did not pull away. In truth, Johanna doubted she could’ve willed herself to reject his gentle touch. The beat of her heart punctuated each moment of contact.

He drew her close. His arms encircled her, and he pressed her to his body, to the hard length beneath the plaid that betrayed his most primal need. The flicker of amusement in his gaze had transformed into a far deeper emotion, a yearning that transcended the hunger of the flesh.

“Ah, ye are a bonny lass.” With one hand, he smoothed tendrils of hair behind her ear. “A temptation too sweet to resist.”

The heat of his body seared her. She should push him away. Really, she should. But some rebellious instinct deep within demanded she savor this moment. She’d never been in the arms of a man such as Connor MacMasters. Never luxuriated in the intoxicating essence of a vital, powerful male in his prime.

Never allowed herself to be swept away.

His mouth brushed her cheek. Skimmed her flesh with the gentlest of touches, with a seductive lack of haste, as if he drank in every moment of contact. Roaring currents of desire drowned out the feeble protests of her logical mind.

“I know what ye want, Johanna.” His words were a raw whisper. Ragged. Her name on his lips unfurled a deeper longing.

“How can you know?” she whispered. “I don’t understand myself.”

“I know what’s brought ye here…why ye’re in my arms tonight.” His warm breath tickled the curve of her jaw. He pressed a kiss to the tender spot at the base of her throat where her pulse throbbed. Pleasure raced through her veins, and she wanted more.

More of his touch. More of his kiss. More of him.


Tara Kingston’s Playlist for The Highlander Who Loved Me

  1.   Make You Feel My Love — Adele
  2.   Something — The Beatles
  3.   Open Your Heart — Madonna
  4.   Breathe — Faith Hill
  5.   Stay With Me — Sam Smith
  6.   Take My Breath Away — Berlin
  7.   Maybe I’m Amazed — Paul McCartney
  8.   Love Me Like You Do — Ellie Goulding
  9.   Skyfall — Adele
  10.  Unconditionally — Katy Perry
  11.  Nobody Does It Better — Carly Simon
  12.  Kiss Me — Ed Sheeran
  13.  I Choose You — Sara Bareilles


Oh my, my.  Victorian Romance?  Check.  Suspense/Mystery?  Check.  Scotland?  Check.  An American that is feisty, smart and thrown into a situation that she honestly thinks she can handle on her own?  Check.  A sexy Scot that I kept imagining NOT wearing a kilt?  Check.  That sexy Scot, Connor, can dirty talk to me anytime he wants?  Check.  Okay, maybe he didn’t dirty talk but he sure did know how to get Johanna’s motor running.  The smexy times were just awesome.

What was especially intriguing to me was the suspense/mystery element to the story.  Sure the romance was awesome and sexy but for me, it was how Connor and Johanna worked together to figure out the mystery, rescue her niece and all the while, falling in love.  The pacing of the story is great.  I don’t like a slow, historical romance.  I get bored and move on.  Ms. Kingston just kept the plot moving for me and having characters that I truly cared about and wanted together made it for me.

The secondary characters are a hoot.  I especially liked Connor’s family and I hope that his brothers get their own stories in the series.  Plus, now that know the musical playlist to this story…Ms. Kingston nailed it.  Just nailed it.  Beautiful music for a beautiful couple and story.  I normally don’t care about a playlist in a story.  I read in complete silence but this one touched me.  It is one of those details that some authors fail in.  She did her homework and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Overall, I highly recommend this story to anyone.  Oh yes, anyone.  It’s that good.


Award-winning author Tara Kingston writes romance laced with intrigue, danger, and adventures of the heart. A Southern Navy brat transplanted to a quaint Pennsylvania town, she lives her own love story with her real-life hero in a cozy Victorian. The mother of two sons, Tara’s a former librarian whose love of books is evident in her popping-at-the-seams bookcases and collection of unusual bookmarks. It goes without saying that Tara’s husband is thankful for the invention of digital books, thereby eliminating the need for yet another bookcase.

When she’s not writing, reading, or burning dinner, Tara enjoys cycling, hiking, and cheering on her favorite football team. Learn more about Tara at www.tarakingston.com.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Newsletter | Amazon Author Profile


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#ARC Review of Love’s Undertow (For a Song #1) by Lorraine Britt w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @LBrittAuthor

Title: Love’s Undertow
Series: For A Song #1
Author: Lorraine Britt
Genre: Adult, Contemporary/Musical Romance
Published: November 10, 2016
After surviving her darkest hour, it was time for Noelle Thibodeaux to shake off the cobwebs of her previous life. She’d spent the last year as a glorified travel agent for the band her cousin managed, Eton Mess. Now Nile Thomas, the band’s frontman, is in dire need of a personal assistant. He can think of no one better than Noelle for the job. When her cousin calls and offers her the job, she jumps at the chance to pack her bags and make a fresh start.

Nile is impressed with how easily Noelle slips into her role, managing everything for him. But his tortured artist persona wears on her fragile and frayed emotions and their working relationship is less than ideal. Only once the rest of Eton Mess arrives on location, and Noelle instantly bonds with band member Nate Bridges, do things begin to look up for Noelle. Nile, however, is far from approving of their new found friendship and his displeasure hasn’t gone unnoticed. Noelle will do anything to prevent a rift in the band or damage to Nate’s friendship with Nile. The only thing she knows to do is put up walls and pull away.

Will Nate stand up and fight for Noelle? Can Noelle fight the darkness that threatens to swallow her whole? Or will their love be forever drowned by the undertow?

I nodded and focused my attention past Michael and Zach. When my eyes reached their target I felt everything around me disappear, except for the beautiful creature in front of me. He was tall and sinewy, broad shouldered with the chiseled body of a swimmer. His light brown hair hung in soft, shaggy waves just past his ears. I took in the kindness and gentleness of his face. He had the most stunningly beautiful eyes that were the blue of the ocean with a thin layer of brown circling the pupil. I could dive in and get lost in them. I felt drawn to him. I stepped away from Ross’s side and moved toward him, not missing that he began to move towards me as well. He reached a hand out to me and as I took his I felt an electric current shoot up my arm and through my body. I looked up at him in shock and knew from the look on his face that he had felt the same connection.


I have a few things to admit about this book.  First, I don’t read books with rock stars.  Yes, I’ve been a couple of friends that were in bands.  It’s not pretty.  Second, this book is extremely long and by 48% into I almost gave up.  Yes, gave up.  It seemed to drag on and on.  I hung in there and I’m glad that I did.  Third,  at times I felt like the book repeated things and I almost gave up.  Again, I’m glad that I didn’t.

Overall, I really liked the book.  I’m so invested in these characters that I can’t wait to read the next installment.  Speaking of which, they are A LOT of characters.  For me though, the story is about Noelle, Nate and Nile.  This is their journey through friendship, love, disappointment and redemption.  I wish I was the reviewer that gave out spoilers but I’m not.

I really felt like that even with all the secondary characters in the book enhance the relationships that occur between Nile, Nate and Noelle.  Fear not, this is not a love triangle at all.  Nate and Nile are best friends.  Noelle is Nile’s PA and falls in love with Nate.  This book is their journey.  Some parts are hard to read but realistically done.  The last 1/4 of the book, I just held my breath.  I cried.  Like, ugly cried over what Ms. Britt wrote.  (I don’t ugly cry in books.)  It left me breathless, grieving but also hopeful.

You really need to give this book a chance.  Just remember that there are a lot of characters, some parts (the middle) dragged a bit but the last 1/4 of the book is so worth it in the end.  I can’t wait to visit them again…and soon!


recommend-harlies- new

Lorraine Britt is a fourth-generation Native Texan who is also immensely proud of her Louisiana heritage and solid Southern roots. As an enthusiastic lover of the written word, inspiration struck Lorraine and she began to bubble over with her own ideas. Grasping hold of her lifelong dreams, it wasn’t long before she was putting pen to paper and letting her fingers fly over a keyboard to bring her own characters to life. When she isn’t busy scribbling notes for her next idea you might find her whipping up delicious creations in the kitchen, putting miles on her car on road trip adventures, or snapping photos of her favorite rugby team on the pitch. Lorraine is equally passionate about music, movies and sports. You’ll no doubt find these familiar themes woven throughout her books. Lorraine and her family currently make their home in west Texas.
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#Review of Heroes and Villains (California Dreaming #1) by Stacey Johnston! @BanBPromotions @author_stacey

Heroes and Villains – California Dreaming 1
Author: Stacey Johnston
Genre: Romantic Suspense
 Re Release Date: October 31st, 2016


and Noble:


Two lives entwined in secrets…
Secrets that threaten to tear them apart before they even begin…
Sophie Valentine was a girl living a privileged life, in the tranquility of Solana Beach until she was forced to move to Brooklyn under questionable conditions.
In a quiet Brooklyn neighborhood, Benjamin Sinclair was a troubled boy, leading a secret life.
When he met Sophie on the steps of his apartment building the day she moved in, he never envisioned how chaotic and turbulent his life would become. 
A battle between the forces of good and evil awaits… one that could leave a devastating effect or be the start of new beginnings.
How will it end?



This book is NOT what I expected at all.  Keep in mind that it’s a very Mature Young Adult with lots of suspense and thrills in it that will make your head spin.  Ms. Johnston does a great job drawing you into the story and never letting you go until the very end.  What else was great about this book was the writing style.  Yes, the author is an Aussie so even though this story is set in the states, there are the occasional phrases that pop up.  Now, me being the Aussie lover, I didn’t have a problem with it.
 The beginning is a bit slow but it is very needed as to the set up of the book later on down the line.  I also found out that there is a prequel featuring Luke, Stephen, Ben and Kyle.  I kinda wished I had known about it before I read this one.  I did read it afterward and it explains some things that go on with this book but in NO way do you need to read it before.  I’m just weird that way.  After about 1/3 of the book, the action picks up.  The secrets and twists are nicely done and well thought out.  Keep in mind that this is a series so the other boys will get their books, too.  And yes, there is a series arc so be prepared.
While I don’t usually care for the whole instalove thing, in this book it works.  You really feel the connection between Sophie and Ben.  What I didn’t expect was the hotness of their love scenes.  They are in high school still and I didn’t expect them to do what they do in high school.  That’s why I consider this a very Mature Young Adult novel.  Definitely for the older teens.  I didn’t blush but at times, I thought the sex was a bit much.
Overall, I truly did love Sophie and Ben.  I love a good suspense/thriller book.  While there is a bit much going on and you do need to pay attention, I highly recommend it.  I just can’t wait for the rest of the series.
recommend-harlies- new
What to tell you about myself??
When I sat down to set about the challenge of what I could say, I found that I didn’t really consider myself to be very interesting at all.
I’ve lived in Western Australia my whole life, only ever leaving the country once. Right now though I reside in a southern suburb close to the beach.
Above everything else I’m a wife and a mother. I’ve been married to a man I believe to be my soul mate for the past nine years. When he came into my life I already had two gorgeous kids, a boy and girl, who he took on as his own without any consideration as to how it would affect his life. During our time together, he has also blessed me with two more gorgeous little girls. My real life also has me working full time as an Office Manager for an Audio Visual Company.  
I grew up in a home with three aunties, two uncles, my younger brother, my father, and my grandparents!! Wow that was more of mouthful than I expected! As you can imagine life in a large family like that was never boring J
As a child I loved creating stories in my head, it was my escape, a place I could go and hide from the world. As I became older, my stories evolved and every time life challenged me, I slipped back into my imaginary world and hid. This didn’t change as I
entered adulthood.
I have always been the kind of person who never made things easy for herself, and I spent many years drifting from family member to family member looking for direction. It wasn’t until I was twenty-one when I met a man who would become, what I  thought – my future.  Over the next twelve years he was my life, well him, and the two children he blessed me with.
We lost that loving husband, and father to a heart attack when our children were very young, and life as you can imagine became a little rough for a while.
Over the years my stories have given me the sanity to get through many tragic situations.
They’ve given me a world to escape into, one where I can be anything I want. These stories I’ve created over the years, have always been a coping mechanism that worked for me, and I’ve always wanted to share them.
With the support of my family I have ventured out there, and finally put them down on paper. I hope you love them as much as I do.
Instagram: @staceyjohnstonauthor
Join my closed readers group – California Dreaming – Behind the ………  on Facebook.
This is a group I created where I can interact with my members, discussing my stories, and the characters within. I also like to give my members the opportunity to get their hands on advanced copies of my books, in exchange for their honest reviews.
There may or may not be a little raunchy fun as well ….
Thank you – Dido
Satellite – Nickleback
Something in your mouth – Nickleback
Smile – Uncle Kracker
Say Say Say – Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
S.E.X – Nickleback
Trying Not to Love You – Nickleback
Amazing – Alex Lloyd
Trouble – Pink