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#Review of With Love Series (With Love, Ella & Daniel, ever after) by Alexa Randolph w/a an author interview and rafflecopter giveaway!

With Love Series

by Alexa Randolph


GENRE: Romance



With Love, Ella:

Ella Chambers was a top event planner in New York, about to marry the man of her dreams. Daniel Collins was the quarterback for the Giants, on his way to winning his first ever Super Bowl. Life couldn’t get any better when they both said those three words to each other and planned to spend the rest of their lives together.

Until one perfect day came crashing down around them when they hear the three words no one wants to hear: You have cancer.

Now instead of dresses, flowers, and invitations, they’re dealing with doctors appointments, tests, and tears. Their love and strength will be tested and tortured, but they’ll fight with everything they’ve got to make it through.

Daniel, Ever After:

Daniel and Molly are both lost in their own worlds. They recently lost the most important people in their lives. They are connected in so many ways but are complete strangers. They are barely hanging on, but a drunken encounter sends them over the edge of despair. Can they bring each other out of their misery, or will they continue to push each other away until it’s too late? Find out in the sequel to With Love, Ella, titled Daniel, Ever After.


Excerpt Two:

Daniel and Ella were waiting for their drinks when Marissa came up to them. They both inwardly groaned not wanting to deal with her and her drama that always seemed to follow. “Hello Ella, Hello Daniel,” Marissa said in her fake high-pitched voice. “Hello, Marissa. Enjoying the evening?” Daniel asked.  “Yeah, it’s been fine. So, Daniel are you excited for the upcoming season?” “Yes, it will be great to get back into the routine. I have a good feeling about it.” “That’s great. Well, I can’t wait to come watch practice in a few weeks. I know you will do amazing.” “Practices are actually closed for family only, but you can always buy season tickets to watch the team,” Ella explained, trying to be as nice as possible, but getting annoyed. “Oh, I know, my cousin is the second string quarterback and was able to get me into a practice. It’ll be great.” Marissa said while putting her arm around Daniel.  “Oh well, that’s nice. Daniel, I love this song. Let’s go dance,” Ella said, holding his hand.

“Sounds great babe.” 

“Bye Marissa,” they said, walking away with their drinks in hand. Marissa just stood there glaring at Ella. What did she have that Marissa didn’t?

Ella and Daniel had been dancing for hours with their friends and family, having a great time. Ella really had to go to the bathroom so she dragged a giggling Julia, Daniel’s sister, with her to the bathroom. Marissa and her friend saw them go in so they decided to follow. She couldn’t let Ella get away with humiliating her in front of Daniel.

Welcome Alexa! Please start off by telling us a little about yourself.


I am 25 years old and published my first novel 2.5 years ago. I am an only child and because of that I would use my imagination to pass the time. I always had scenarios and stories in my head that would play with my friends. I love to read all sort of romance series. I love series even if they are about different set of characters and can be standalones because I get so invested in all characters. I love being able to continue on.


Is the book a single title, or part of a series?


I am showing my series With Love Series (With Love, Ella and Daniel, Ever After)


What were your inspirations for the story?


I was mostly inspired from books I have read and the people in my life.

Please share your setting for both books. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most? 


Both books take place mostly in New York City and the Hamptons. Book 2 has chapters that take place in Michigan also. I live in Michigan, but I have always loved New York and the Hamptons.

When did the writing bug first bite? 


I have always loved to write cards and letters to people I loved and with my personality and imagination it all came together in 2014.

Who are you favorite authors, book/series?


My books were inspired from Nicholas Sparks and John Greene. Right now I am really loving Jillian Dodd (Keatyn Chronicles, That boy and C.M Stunich author of Rich Boys of Burberry Prep.

Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time?


Besides writing I love to blog, podcast and read.

What is the one thing that you would tell an inspiring writer to do?

Just keep writing no matter what. You will always be practicing and think about self-publishing because it could make all the difference. 

Just a note…I will be reviewing the books as a whole since it’s a duet.  I feel as if you really need to read With Love, Ella before diving into Daniel, Ever After.  Ms. Randolph does an excellent job of showing you what happened in the first book but I feel that it’s better to read them together.  But bring tissues, lots of them.  You will be crying some and they will be ugly tears.  Trust me on this.  Harlie doesn’t cry when she reads but in this series, she did.  On to my thoughts.

Remember that I don’t do spoilers so the review might be somewhat brief.  I adored these books.  The characters are childhood sweethearts so I really enjoyed getting to know them throughout the years.  Don’t worry, Ms. Randolph doesn’t info dump on you but she does let you glimpse into their childhood and how they came together in the end.  Keep in mind that there two romances in the books.  So getting to know everyone is crucial to your overall understanding of the storyline arc.  Especially in the second book.  Again, Ms. Randolph keeps you on your toes with keeping up with everyone.  You will get to know some pretty interesting secondary characters in both books that only enhance your overall enjoyment.  That said, in the excerpt above, you will have to deal with Marissa in both books.  She is nasty, vile and overall, just a hateful person.  She doesn’t know when to stop but, she will learn her lesson soon enough.

Ella and Daniel are sweet together but honestly, I thought Molly and Daniel were the stronger couple.  Even though they have been through so much in their short lives, I felt their connection was better.  They argued, irritated each other (Princess, kiss ass, Romeo), at times not communicating, watching them go from a somewhat fling to friends to lovers and then the black moment.  While the black moment was expected, it made so much sense.  I hate when authors put in a black moment that, at times, can be a head-scratcher but not here.  It’s very realistic and heartfelt.  I think I cried as much as Molly and Daniel.

Overall, the books are superb.  I got to know a cast of characters that will forever be in my heart.  The storylines are relatable, relevant, plausible and overall, just a joy to read.  Keep in mind though, I’m a Houston Texans fan.  I kept thinking of Eli Manning from the New York Giants at times when I read the book.  Sue me…




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Alexa Randolph is the author of Daniel, Ever After, which follows With Love, Ella.  “It was so fun to be able to watch my characters grow from my first novel to this one,” Alexa says of her contemporary romance novel.  “My heart hurt when theirs did, and I felt like I was a part of their world.” You can always find her typing away at the keyboard, crafting romantic short stories or dreaming up characters and plots. Or you may find her blogging and helping to raise awareness for chronic pain. Not surprisingly, Alexa also loves to read the types of stories she writes and is especially fond of John Greene and romance novelist Nicholas Sparks. Alexa is a 2016 graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Communications; during college she was a regular contributor to the online blog, “The Odyssey.”


Website: www.alexarandolph.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexarandolphauthor

Instagram: www.instagram.com/alexarandolphauthor1

With Love, Ella buy link: https://amzn.to/31Rt7tw

Daniel, Ever After buy link: https://amzn.to/2ZjO42G






Alexa Randolph will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Author Interview featuring Austin S. Camacho, The Wrong Kind (a Hannibal Jones novel) w/a rafflecopter giveaway! #mystery

The Wrong Kind

by Austin S. Camacho


GENRE: Mystery



A distraught woman hires private investigator Hannibal Jones to track down her daughter who has run away, trying to escape the homeless shelter life her mother has come to accept. When Hannibal finds Connie Blanco she is entwined in a gang war and somehow connected to a murder. The corpse is barely cold before a second murder follows and Hannibal finds himself entangled in a complex plot revolving around stolen drugs…but who is the mastermind of this twisted scheme?


Excerpt Three:

Hannibal stepped inside and closed the door behind himself. A quick scan showed Sands to be a good housekeeper for a bachelor. There was a place for everything. The blinds were set to let the maximum amount of sunlight into the front room. Small knickknacks and figurines stood on display on bookcases and the end tables bracketing the leather sofa. A scattering of tiny roses made the wallpaper seem feminine, but the framed paintings of Civil War combat scenes counterbalanced that. The neatness was almost jarring under the circumstances. The only thing out of place in the front room was Quentin himself. He lay spread eagled on the hardwood floor. And with no carpet to absorb liquid, the pool of blood beneath him had spread quite a distance. 

Lying face up, Quentin looked more startled than pained. Hannibal stepped as close to the body as he could without touching the blood pool. There was no need to check for a pulse. The pencil-sized hole just above his left eyebrow was pretty definitive. Hannibal knew the picture would not be nearly as neat on the other side, and he had no desire to see it. Powder burns and stippling on the man’s forehead told Hannibal that this shooting was done up close. Despite Quentin’s final facial expression, he had to have seen it coming. 

So, what was your crime, Hannibal silently asked the corpse. Did you get too close to Connie for some other man’s comfort?



Welcome! Please start off by telling us a little about yourself. 

All you really need to know is that I’m a lifelong mystery fan, That I’ve raised five kids and my lovely wife Denise is here for the long haul, and that I’m retired from a career in communications for the Defense Department so I can finally write full time.

Is The Wrong Kind a single title, or part of a series? 

The Wrong Kind is the seventh mystery about Hannibal Jones, an African American private eye working in Washington DC. I work hard to write the books so that you can read them in any order, and any one of them will keep you guessing right to the end.

What were your inspirations for the story?

I’ve given my detective a couple of previous cases that start with a missing person. I was driven to do it again but in a totally different way. Also, at a conference I was exposed to a method of murder I had never considered. I was inspired to find a way to use that murder method. And it was great fun!

Please share your setting for The Wrong Kind. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most? 

The Wrong Kind is set in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. This is basically my home stomping grounds and I visit the streets, businesses and neighborhoods where the action takes place to insure authenticity. I love the discreet neighborhoods in The District, the historic grace of Virginia and the intriguing collision of urban and rural life in Maryland. And I want my readers to get to know those things too.

When did the writing bug first bite?

I started in high school, writing what would now be called fan fiction about my favorite comic book characters. Many of my fellow students got hooked on my stories and eagerly awaited the new ones. And I guess I got hooked on the joy of being rewarded for telling a good story.

Who are you favorite authors, book/series? 

My all time favorites are oldies but goodies. I love the prose of Raymond Chandler beyond anyone who has ever written. For story and plot, Ross McDonald is my all time favorite. And nobody creates characters like Elmore Leonard. I always want my work to be a combination of those three.

If you could have an author roundtable discussion with any authors, who would you invite?

They’d all be fiction authors, but I’d love to have conversation about writing different genres. So, maybe Jeffrey Deaver, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Stephen King, Michael Connelly, Nora Roberts, and Neil Gaiman. And if you don’t know what every one of them writes, you need to get to a library… stat!

Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time? 

I do enjoy making glasses out of empty bottles. The process of using a glass cutter, then heating and cooling the bottle until the top separates from the bottom, then sanding the bottom piece until it’s a nice drinking glass… it become a detailed, zen activity. It relaxes me and frees my mind to work on writing challenges.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen? 

Strange is kind of subjective, isn’t it? At DragonCon last year I saw a woman in a very detailed Flying Spaghetti Monster costume – only her hands and lower legs were exposed – shuffle into the donation area behind me to give blood to the Red Cross. That was pretty strange. But was it stranger than the progress of American national politics in the last two years? As I said, kind of subjective.

What is the one thing that you would tell an inspiring writer to do?

The most important thing for an aspiring writer to do is write. Write every day. This business is as much craft as art, sort of like playing a musical instrument. The only way to master the basics is to practice until it becomes second nature to you.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Austin S. Camacho is the author of seven novels about Washington DC-based private eye Hannibal Jones, five in the Stark and O’Brien international adventure-thriller series, and the detective novel, Beyond Blue. His short stories have been featured in several anthologies including Dying in a Winter Wonderland – an Independent Mystery Booksellers Association Top Ten Bestseller for 2008. He is featured in the Edgar nominated African American Mystery Writers: A Historical and Thematic Study by Frankie Y. Bailey. Camacho is also editorial director for Intrigue Publishing, a Maryland small press.










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Author Interview featuring William Savage’s A Sickness in the Soul: An Ashmole Foxe Georgian Mystery w/a rafflecopter giveaway! #historicalmystery #mystery #historical

A Sickness in the Soul: An Ashmole Foxe Georgian Mystery

by William Savage 


GENRE:  Historical Mystery



“Many people wear masks. Some to hide their feelings; some to conceal their identity; and some to hide that most hideous plague of mankind: a sickness in the soul.”

Ashmole Foxe, Norwich bookseller, man-about-town and solver of mysteries will encounter all of these in this tangled drama of hatred, obsession and redemption.

This is a story set in the England of the 1760s, a time of rigid class distinctions, where the rich idle their days away in magnificent mansions, while hungry children beg, steal and prostitute themselves on the streets. An era on the cusp of revolution in America and France; a land where outward wealth and display hide simmering political and social tensions; a country which had faced intermittent war for the past fifty years and would need to survive a series of world-wide conflicts in the fifty years ahead.

Faced with no less than three murders, occurring from the aristocracy to the seeming senseless professional assassination of a homeless vagrant, Ashmole Foxe must call on all his skill and intelligence to uncover the sickness which appears to be infecting his city’s very soul.

Can Foxe uncover the truth which lies behind a series of baffling deaths, from an aristocrat attending a ball to a vagrant murdered where he slept in a filthy back-alley?


Excerpt Two:

‘Most irregular!’ the coroner spluttered. ‘This is mere hearsay, doctor. I cannot admit it into evidence unless it is vouched for by the physician who you say was there at the time. Is that gentleman in the court?’


‘Does anyone know where he may be found?’

The clerk to the court stepped forward — most reluctantly, Foxe thought. With much hesitation, he explained that, unfortunately, the man was not present at the inquest. Nor could his evidence be sought.

‘From what I have been told by those who encountered him that evening, sir, he was visiting from London. He said he intended to depart to return home on the first mail coach the following morning.’

‘God’s teeth!’ the coroner exploded. ‘Did anyone think to make a note of this man’s name or ask where he lived?’

Another silence.

‘Is Viscount Penngrove present?’

A tall man with a long, bony face stood up slowly. ‘I am here,’ he said. ‘I wish to God I were not.’

Whether this was an understandable comment about needing to attend an inquest on one of his sons, or an expression of disgust at being forced to sit, hugger-mugger, with tradesmen and other common people, was not entirely clear.

‘Is it true, your lordship,’ the coroner said, ‘as the medical examiner here has said, that this physician no one can name made a remark about the temperature of your son’s … body … and the extent of … um … stiffening?’

‘Something like that,’ Viscount Penngrove drawled.

‘Exactly as reported, my lord? Nothing else added and nothing omitted?’

‘Can’t recall. Rather upset by it all, as you might imagine.’

The coroner struggled bravely forward. ‘You did not ask for this physician’s name or his address?’

‘I am not in the habit of bothering myself with the personal details of tradespeople,’ came the viscount’s cold reply. ‘I passed what I could remember on to the fellow now on the stand. Up to him after that.’ He then sat down, making it clear he would entertain no further questioning.

Can you describe your dream home?

A modest Georgian house, somewhere near the sea or a large river, with a garden big enough to walk in for an hour or more each day.

If we were to come to your house for a meal, what would you give us to eat?

I doubt I would even suggest it. We live very quietly, and our house is quite small. I’d be much more likely to suggest we ate in a suitable restaurant. I’d want to know what kinds of things you like to eat, so that I could chose one which was appropriate. I enjoy food, but I’m not any kind of ‘foodie’.

Tell us about the absolute BEST fan letter you have received.

I’ve had some nice emails, but I can’t say any of them have been especially interesting. I’m very happy when people like my books, but I have to be honest and tell you that I write for myself, not for anyone else. I would never change my approach simply to gain more readers or anything like that. That’s why I publish all my books myself. I couldn’t abide having an agent or a publisher telling me what I should write and what I should not. We would come to blows very quickly!

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?

As I said in my last answer, I am my own publisher, so it would never arise. Besides, all my books are set in England, mostly within twenty miles of where I live. There’s more than enough interest locally to keep me going for many years. I would have no reason to want to go anywhere else, unless it was to consult some materials which had somehow made their way overseas. Thanks to the Internet, that probably wouldn’t arise either. I find the small and local infinitely more fascinating and interesting that the global.

Who designed the book cover for the book you are touring?

I did. I design all my own book covers. That way I have no one to blame but myself if they don’t come out right. I’m pretty handy with a computer, though I say it myself. This current cover for “A Sickness in the Soul” uses stock images under licence, mixed together and altered in Photoshop.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


I started to write fiction as a way of keeping my mind active in retirement. Throughout my life, I have read and enjoyed hundreds of detective stories and mystery novels. One of my other loves is history, so it seemed natural to put the two together. Thus began two series of murder mystery books set in Norfolk, England.


All my books are set between 1760 and around 1800, a period of turmoil in Britain, with constant wars, revolutions in America and France and finally the titanic, 22-year struggle with Napoleon. 

The Ashmole Foxe series takes place at the start of this time and is located in Norwich. Mr Foxe is a dandy, a bookseller and, unknown to most around him, the mayor’s immediate choice to deal with anything likely to upset the peace or economic security of the city. 

The series featuring Dr Adam Bascom, a young gentleman physician caught up in the beginning of the Napoleonic wars, takes place in a variety of locations near the North Norfolk coast. Adam builds a successful medical practice, but his insatiable curiosity and  knack for unravelling intrigue constantly involve him in mysteries large and small.

I have spent a good deal of my life travelling in Britain and overseas. Now I am more than content to write stories and run a blog devoted to the world of Georgian England, which you can find at http://www.penandpension.com. You can also follow me on Twitter as @penandpension.



The Ashmole Foxe Mysteries

All https://penandpension.com/my-writing#foxe

The Ashmole Foxe Mysteries http://bit.ly/2Abn1Ks

The Fabric of Murder http://relinks.me/B00W3SDJW8 

Dark Threads of Vengeance http://relinks.me/B01FPQ2Q1Y 

This Parody of Death http://relinks.me/B06XDNY81B

Bad Blood Will Out http://relinks.me/B079RCVQ4X

Black as She’s Painted http://relinks.me/B07H1SZN37

A Sickness in the Soul https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WF3Y4VJ


The Dr Adam Bascom Mysteries

All https://penandpension.com/my-writing#bascom

The Dr Adam Bascom Mysteries http://bit.ly/2k43dSQ

An Unlamented Death http://relinks.me/B00RXGWIY0

The Code for Killing http://relinks.me/B01A2BY1LU 

A Shortcut to Murder http://relinks.me/B01M1R78L3

A Tincture of Secrets and Lies http://relinks.me/B075LM2TZP

Death of a Good Samaritan https://relinks.me/B07NLCGK2Y


Pen and Pension: http://bit.ly/1Kb1Q4k

Author Page

Amazon Author page:  https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00RZBGQ0K



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