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Cheeky Blonde by Liz Crowe-Book Spotlight

Harlie will have Liz and Cheeky Blonde back on August 6th on a blog tour stop.  She will also have a review up on the blog soon, too.  🙂  Look forward to seeing you then.  Buy links are at the bottom of the excerpt.
 Violence, intrigue, and passion are brewing in the craft beer world. When bitter rivals Jennifer Baxter and Sean Garrison meet, the notorious and handsome owner of Garrison Brothers Brewing stays true to form, seducing his rival at a national brewer’s convention. 
Sean arrived at the convention expecting to get down to business, including his stated goal of hiring Jen away from Brick Street Brewery. But the beautiful fellow craft beer expert provides more of a distraction than he expected.
When sabotage strikes their fellow breweries, they unite to solve the mysteries. But fate and rumors brew more than beer as love, lust, jealousy, and misunderstanding collide in a way neither could have expected or anticipated.
Can they overcome the malicious chatter long enough to explore the emotion bubbling beneath the surface? Or will lust fall flat and leave them nothing but memories of the moment that slipped away?

Jen stumbled back, sending a stack of empty stainless steel beer kegs clanging to the floor. Mortified, she jumped from the mess then shuddered when she sensed him close enough to touch her. Shoulders squared, she faced him and choked back the urge to reach out to him, if only to run a fingertip along his just rolled-out-of-bed stubbled jaw.

“Well, as I live and breathe, Sean Garrison knows who I am, and if I’m not mistaken, has stalked me down to the ladies’ room.” She pulled her hair out of its band and let it flow around her shoulders. “Should I sound an alarm?”
He chuckled, bringing chills to her entire body. She crossed her arms, trying not to clutch at her elbows and give away her anxiety. In one step, he was close enough to put his empty, still cool glass against the skin of her arm. She flushed, irritated at her reaction to him. She was conscious of his body’s heat; the subtle hint of his cologne tinged with the familiar odors of beer. When she leaned back to look into his eyes, their bright blue depths made her blink.
“Oh, um, well, I mean, thanks—you know for the earlier compliment.” She cursed herself.
His other hand traced a line down her arm. She gritted her teeth against the urge to sigh with satisfaction. Someone stomped on the floor above her head and laughter roared through the whole place, a not-so-subtle reminder that a party was going on upstairs. But at this moment, the universe had shrunk to the two of them.
“Sure,” he said, his lips once again too close for comfort. His fingers grazed her skin, the touch zinging straight to her panties. She’d not had such a reaction to a man in years. She fought the urge to shove him away and run up the steps. Mainly because what she really wanted was for him to keep doing what he was doing.
“No need to be alarmed,” he said, backing away a fraction. “Wanted to make sure I paid my respects to the new queen of beer marketing before you left.”
“I suppose this is where I’m supposed to say something that sucks up to the emperor?”
She tried to move back, farther away, before his lips came closer.
He smiled but took a few more steps back and leaned on the pool table where he’d been sitting. She mirrored him, taking a seat on an old barstool.
“Yeah, well….” He ran a hand down his face, his smile changing from slightly predatory to rueful.
The concept that he might actually be unnerved nearly made her stifle a giggle.
“You know….” He patted the spot on the pool table next to him, indicating she should join him, but she stayed put. He shrugged. “The only thing I would have done differently?”
Jen frowned, already processing her mistakes according to the acknowledged marketing expert.
“More John Q. Beer Public in the place.”
“How in the hell could I have crammed another body in here?” She winced at her defensive tone.
“These guys have a third floor. You could have had your little media circus up there, then kept the entire first floor teeming with the beer geeks raving about your funky little project.”
Bastard was right. Word of mouth was the mantra she’d operated under for five years in this business. How did she overlook it for this important day?
“Shit,” she muttered.
“Then again, what do I know?” He pushed himself up off the table and took her hand. Still too pissed at herself, at the mistake she’d made, it took her a minute to realize he was touching her. Again.
“I should—” He started, but seemed distracted all of a sudden. She fixated on his lips—sheer temptation, at once close and far away.
“You should what?” Her voice came out barely a whisper to her own ears. The deadly quiet coiled between them, the muted sounds of footsteps and music a distant background to her breathing, which sounded rushed, desperate. “Yeah, well, you know, these things take a lot of planning and I—” She shut up before babbling any more nonsense to keep him from leaving, but he closed the gap between them, exactly like she figured he would, and ran a finger down her face. His thumb passed over her lips.
“Look,” she said, regaining some sense. “I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but—” She made a small noise of surprise when his lips took hers, smothering all words, thoughts, and logic. Soft, supple yet entirely in control, he tasted delicious, the distinct tang of Cheeky Blonde a ghostly presence on their tongues. She leaned back against the wall and nearly tripped over the empty keg behind her, but he reached out to brace them, curving her into his embrace.
Before she could speak, or protest, or do anything she knew she ought to do to get out of the situation, she reached out, tugged him closer, wrapped her arms around his neck, and met his kiss halfway. He made a sound deep in his throat and ran his hands down her back to her ass, pulling her against him. The sensation of falling down a deep well of forbidden desire forced a swirl of images and possibilities through her brain.
She pulled away, breaking the contact, hoping to get her head straight. He licked his way along her jaw and down her neck. Her sleeveless, low-cut summer shirt gave no resistance when his lips landed at the top of her breasts. When he maneuvered a hand around to open her bra clasp in one swift motion before he pulled the fabric aside to suck a rock hard nipple into his mouth, she groaned, tried to disentangle herself.
“Wait, Sean.” But even as she spoke, she threaded her fingers in his thick black hair. The spun silk sensation exactly as she’d imagined it. “The bathroom, what if…?”
“Had somebody take the sign down. Don’t worry.” He leaned in to nuzzle her exposed breasts. “I put it there to begin with, anyway.”
She frowned. He’d arranged this whole scene, followed her downstairs, and had practically lain in wait for her. Now this was one for the diary. The master of the micro-brewing universe had sought her out and had his—she did gasp this time, as he kissed her with such intensity the room spun.


Joan Johnston Print Book Giveaways

Today Harlie is giving away 3 Joan Johnston print books.  Leave a comment and an email.  No email…no prize.  I have read all three of these books and they are sexy, intense and emotional.
New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston tells an impassioned story of love and danger, ambition and family that features a man who has turned his back on his family’s ranch to pursue his fortune as an attorney at Houston’s most powerful law firm.

Even though the stress and the punishing hours of his job as a litigation associate have cost him his marriage and quality time with his two young daughters, Luke Creed remains fiercely driven. When Luke takes on the defense of a pharmaceutical company in an explosive wrongful death suit, he is surprised to square off against Amy Hazeltine Nash, his high school sweetheart. A single mother recovering from a failed marriage, Amy is a passionate advocate for her bereaved client and is shocked that once-rebellious Luke is now representing corporate interests. But Amy cannot deny her rekindled feelings for Luke.

Concerned that his client may be lying, Luke investigates the case more closely, which means spending more time with Amy. When one of Luke’s colleagues dies under suspicious circumstances, he finds he is in danger of losing not only the case, but his life. With help from Amy, Luke delves into a dangerous web of corruption that involves his client and his firm.

From the towering skyscrapers of Houston to the majestic plains of south Texas ranch country, The Price explores the questions of what is truly important in life and how high a price a person is willing to pay to achieve his or her ambitions.

Joan Johnston transports us to rugged present-day Texas—a place of wide-open prairies and unbridled ambitions—where two ranching families, the Blackthornes and the Creeds, are locked in a bitter century-old feud. Here, Johnston brings to life a breathtaking love story—between the Blackthornes’ oldest son and the Creeds’ beautiful daughter—a magnificent novel of passion, vengeance, and star-crossed love.

Trace Blackthorne was taught from the cradle to take what he wanted. And he wanted Callie Creed. Eleven years ago, the feud between their families had torn them apart. But now Trace has come home, a ruthless hard-eyed stranger, making her an offer she couldn’t refuse: marry him and save her struggling family from financial ruin. But the secrets of the past return to haunt them. And Callie is once again compelled to make an impossible choice—between the family who desperately needs her and the only man she has ever loved.

Bella Benedict’s five grown children are scattered around the world like a handful of precious jewels. Now she’s dying and she has one last, secret wish. To bring her children home. And to give them what she once had: a marriage of passion.

Wealthy playboy Max Benedict has no interest in long-term commitment. He had his heart broken once and that was enough. Instead, he travels the world, working as a sometime spy for the CIA. When he’s asked to investigate a foreign threat against the president, he doesn’t think twice about accepting—until he hears who he’ll be working with in London.

FBI Special Agent Kristin Lassiter is under investigation and on the verge of losing everything—her savings, her job, her beloved father. So when Bella Benedict approaches her with the offer to pay her mounting debts, she’s tempted to accept. But there’s a catch—a big one. Bella wants Kristin to win the heart of her son Max, the very man who destroyed Kristin years ago. A man unaware he fathered her nine-year-old daughter. If Kristin succeeds, she’ll get the money she needs—and the priceless Blackthorne rubies Bella has offered to sweeten the deal. The only problem is, can she win Max’s heart without falling back in love with him?


Archer’s Lady by Moira Rogers-ARC Review

Reposted with permission from Queen of the Night Reviews

Title: Archer’s Lady
Author: Moira Rogers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: July 3, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60928-804-4
Length: 174 Pages
Series: Bloodhounds, Book 3

From the Publisher:

She’s looking for redemption. He doesn’t believe in it.

Bloodhounds, Book 3

Accused of betraying the Bloodhound Guild, Archer’s only chance to regain the trust of his fellow hounds is to earn it—one dangerous job at a time. Crystal Springs may be the worst yet. The town has been deserted by all but the poor and the desperate, yet the vampires stalking the edges of the settlement haven’t closed in for the kill. Question is, why?

Grace Linwood, professional liar, has been hiding under the guise of a border schoolteacher for so long, she’s almost fallen for her own con. The frontier was supposed to be her chance at a respectable life, but now the cowardly part of her wants to flee. When Archer catches her considering a run for safety, she knows it’s only a matter of time before he sees through her charade.

They become reluctant allies in the quest to uncover the mysteries of Crystal Springs, but every unraveled knot ties them closer together. They both know their pasts are too shattered to hope for a future—until their investigation uncovers a secret. One that could make betraying the Guild their only path to redemption.

Product Warnings: Contains a partly reformed con-artist heroine with a bruised heart and a mostly retired bank-robbing hero with a weary soul. Also included: vampire schemes, mad scientist plots, an alarming amount of dirty talk and some borderline-criminal bedroom antics in an alternate Wild West.


Good gracious. I will admit that when I was asked if I wanted to review Archer’s Lady by Moira Rogers, I was not hesitant at all. I’ve been a little frightened to read their stories and I can’t believe that I waited as long as I did. In fact, I went back and read books 1 &2 (Wilder & Hunter’s) before I read Archer’s story. I’m really glad that I did.

My normal reading is not steampunk/paranormal/erotic/western historical and that’s the world that Ms. Rogers has created in her Bloodhounds series. The world building is excellent and I really felt like I was in Crystal Springs and the townspeople are realistic and honest. The town and its inhabitants hold many secrets and those secrets will affect not only them but the Bloodhounds themselves. I was sucked into Crystal Springs and their secrets within the first couple of pages and it never lets me go. I love it when a setting can do that to me. The secondary characters are great and don’t overshadow the story. They only enhance the main characters and their story. Love that!

Grace and Archer are two characters that I fell in love with from the first page. Their first meeting was funny, emotional, tension building and perfect. I have never had that honest connection with both the hero and heroine in a story before and I was cheering for them. Grace wants to run but once she meets Archer, she feels the pull to not run away anymore from life and especially from Archer. I really felt with Archer. I got a glimpse of him in the first two books and I have to admit he is my favorite Bloodhound. Wounded, emotional spent and labeled a traitor, Crystal Springs is his chance for redemption.

When Archer and Grace first experience a taste of one another, he warns her that on the full moon, his lust will last for three days. Expecting Grace to run, she stays with Archer. While the sex is off the charts, in my opinion it’s the most emotional of the books. They truly understood each other and that only intensifies during the three days of the full moon.

I’m hoping and praying that Ms. Rogers writes more in the Bloodhound world. It has captivated a reader that wants more Bloodhounds. Take a chance on the Bloodhound world…you will not be disappointed. Well, okay you will because you finished the books so far.

5 Harlie’s and a highly recommend read and series